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Barcelona City Pass > All Attractions > Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

Explore the former residence of Antoni Gaudi and pay only € 4.50 admission with the Barcelona City Pass.

Treppe zum Casa Museu Gaudí in Barcelona, ehemaliges Wohnhaus von Antonio Gaudí Aufwendig gestaltete Bank im Parc Güell Barcelona, nach dem Vorbild von Hundertwasser Casa Museu Gaudí im Parc Güell Panorama-Blick über Barcelona, von der Aussichtsplattform vom Parc Güell

The Casa Museu Gaudí (The Gaudí House Museum) is an impressive museum located in the middle of the Güell Park. The museum showcases the former residence of the world-renown architect, Antoni Gaudí, who had lived in this very house from 1906-1925.. The house was later deconstructed into a museum on September 28, 1963 and was opened to the public. Admire beautiful rooms in the Casa Museu Gaudí, like its bedroom, office, and entrance hallway. Here you can find not only furniture, but also personal items and objects that were designed by Gaudí, as wells as important collections being showcased in this museum. The public exhibitions can be found on the first and second floor of the museum.

Opening Hours of the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park (outside of Zona Monumental) 

October to March: 10:00AM–06:00PM
April to September: 09:00AM–08:00PM  

The opening hours of the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona allow you to plan an early visit to Gaudí's former residence. Between April and September, this historical museum opens its doors at 09:00 in the morning to allow early-birds a generous amount of time to enjoy this cultural highlight of Barcelona-- right at the very start of their day. The summer days in Barcelona are also longer. For this reason and because of the mild temperature during this time in Barcelona, numerous open-air events are held here well into the evening. The Casa Museu Gaudí in Barcelona also offers longer opening hours during the summer and allow its visitors a view into this celebrity architect’s life until 08:00PM. As the summer ends, the Casa Museu Gaudí also changes its opening hours appropriately. The winter opening hours are shortened: from October-March, the Casa Museu Gaudí in Barcelona is open from 06:00 PM in the early evening. In order for visitors to have enough time to see the museum thoroughly, the museum stops selling admission tickets 15 minutes before the season's closing time. The souvenir shop of the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona also closes on time--for that reason, please make enough time during your visit to make your purchases.

Admission Prices for the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

Adult: 5,50 €

Reduced: 4,50 € 

Children up to 10 years: free

Tickets for the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

With your Barcelona City Pass you will receive a discount on the admission.

Address of the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

Casa Museu Gaudí Park Güell Carreteradel Carmel
23A 08024 Barcelona 

(+34) 932 193 811 

Because the museum is located in a popular location (in the middle of the Güell Park), the Casa Museu Gaudí is a big cultural and social meeting place in Barcelona. Together with the Casa Museu Gaudí, the Güell Park is located not so far from the center of Barcelona, and it stretches up to the city district, "La Salut." Due to its central location in Barcelona, the museum is optimally connected to Barcelona's public transportation system-- which means you can reach the museum extremely easily and quickly. Many train stations are located very near the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona, and a majority of Barcelona's bus lines services this area near the museum. Travel to the Casa Museu Gaudí leisurely and flexibly-- within only a few minutes, you'll find yourself inside of the highlight attractions in Barcelona.

Directions to the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

Underground train L3 to Lesseps or Vallcarca Bus
H6, 24, 32, 92 to Park Güell 

Traveling to the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona can be done using a variety of public transportation options. The fastest and easiest way to reach the Casa Museu Gaudí is traveling on train line L3. Simply get off at Lesseps or Vallcarca and then follow the signs with the symbol of the Güell Park to reach the Casa Museu Gaudí. You will arrive at the entrance of Güell Park in 10-15 minutes, and afterwards you only need to follows the signs within the park to reach the Casa Museu Gaudí. If you decide to travel to the to the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona with the bus, you can use the following bus lines, H6, 32, 24 or the 92 to the Güell Park. The Barcelona City Pass also includes a free Hop-off-Hop-on sightseeing bus tour, which you can use to travel to the museum. 

Please note that the Casa Museu Gaudí is located outside of the park zone that is covered by the Pass. If you would like to visit the "Zona Monumental," you will need to obtain a separate ticket. Admission into the Zona Monumental is not included in your Pass. 

Special Terms & Conditions

The museum is opened from 10:00AM–02:00PM on the following days: January 1 & 6, and December 25 & 26. If you are making travel plans to Barcelona during vacation season in Spain, please check the opening hours of the museum in advance.

Highlights of the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

  • Former residence of Antonio Gaudi 
  • Showcases furniture and objects 
  • Fairytale forest as the museum's garden 

Attraction Near the Casa Museu Gaudí in the Güell Park

The Casa Museu Gaudí not only enchants its visitors through its central location in the Güell Park, but also through its cultural, historical, and artistic surroundings. Designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, the colorful and diverse designs and construction of the ceramic-mosaic found in the museum reminds visitors of work of long-departed artists. If you find yourself on the observation deck of the museum, you will be able to have a glimpse of Barcelona and also realize that another architectural work by a well-renowned architect is located only a stone's throw from the Casa Museu Gaudí: The Sagrada Familia. As one of the tallest building in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia impresses its viewers with its majestic stature in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the city around it. By using the public transportation system after you visit to the Casa Museu Gaudí, you can reach the Sagrada Familia in a few minutes, where you can have a unique and intensive glimpse into this world-famous architectural master piece that took much effort to create. Many stops of Barcelona's public transportation system is located nearby the Casa Museu Gaudí Barcelona. The Torre de Collserola (Barcelona's TV tower) is also located near the Güell Park and can be easily and quickly reached. Last but not least, the Casa Museu Gaudí is located nearby many other top attractions and sights in Barcelona due to the museum's central location in the city. This gives you the opportunity to plan a rewarding stay in Barcelona quickly and easily. Plan your visits to various attractions in Barcelona easily and smartly-- enjoy visiting sights that are located nearby each other!

The Life of Antonio Gaudí and His Masterpieces

Antonio Gaudí was the most prominent Catalan architect during the time of Modernisme. He studied architecture while also working as a designer. He was close to many of his sponsors and patrons, who also happened to make up the majority of his clientele. In 1833, Gaudí took over leadership of the construction of the Sagrada Familia, but he did not fully commit to this project until 1914. From 1900 to 1914, Gaudí created the fairytale forest-- Güell Park. Antonio Gaudí later died in 1926 due to a terrible car accident. Since 1963, his residence was reestablished as a museum. His construction works continue to live on today-- some of his masterworks were also declared as World Culture Heritage Sites by UNSECO in 1984.