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A museum in a class of its own: the National Archaeological Museum in Florence

The National Archaeological Museum houses Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman relics such as chariots and sculptures. Among them are some Etruscan artefacts of great importance. These include the bronze statue "Chimera", which depicts an animal that is part lion, part goat and part snake and was found in Arezzo in 1533. Other highlights include the "Arringatore" (orator), the "Minerva" and the terracotta and travertine urns from Volterra, as well as the Greek ceramic vases with black figures. The museum is well known for its large Egyptian collection, the second largest in Italy after the one in Turin.

Treasures of human history in the National Archaeological Museum

What the Medici, the Lorraine and the Habsburgs collected and brought together

As is so often the case in Florence, the museum is based on the Medici and Lorraine collections and various pieces that were added from extensive collecting trips.

The collections

Today, a large part of the ancient collections of the Medici-Lorraine family (ceramics, bronzes and stone sculptures) can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. Of particular note are the collection of Etruscan bronzes (with a historical layout), the collection of Greco-Roman bronzes (three rooms that will be refurnished in 2028), the Monetiere (reopened in 2019), one of the largest and most extensive public collections of ancient coins and the Gem Gallery (reopened in 2018 in the corridor of Maria Maddalena de’ Medici). 

Also worth seeing is one of the largest and most prestigious Egyptian collections in the world, the Egyptian Museum (with a selection of Coptic fabrics), part of the topographical section with large Etruscan tomb complexes from princely tombs, the monumental garden and a rich selection of Greek vases found in Etruscan (and other) tombs. Some of them are world-famous, such as the famous François vase, whose room was refurnished in 2018 according to modern principles.

A rich treasure, but too little space

A flood in 1966 completely destroyed the former Topographical Museum. Today, more than a hundred thousand objects of extraordinary value are stored in warehouses and are only available to the public for temporary exhibitions due to a lack of suitable exhibition space.



  • Bronze statue "Chimera" 
  • Large Egyptian collection 
  • François vase 
  • Sarcophagus of the Amazons 
  • Coptic Textile Collection 


Opening hours

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, first Sunday of the month 8.30 am - 1.15 pm
(last admission 12.30 pm) 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30 am - 6.15 pm (last admission 5.30 pm) 

Closed: Sundays (except first Sunday of the month), 1 January, 1 May, Christmas



With the Florence City Pass, you no longer need to buy an entrance ticket, as the ticket for the National Archaeological Museum is already included in the pass. It is not necessary to book in advance.


Important information

  • The exhibition rooms are accessible for people with restricted mobility



How to get there

Bus stop "Museo Archeologico"
 Bus 6, 17, 31, 32 

Bus stop "Santissima Annunziata"
Bus 6, 14, 17, 23, 31  



Piazza Santissima Annunziata n. 9b
50122 Firenze 

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