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Experience Royalty at The Queen's Gallery in London

Get ready to immerse yourself in the opulent world of art and heritage. A visit to the Queen's Gallery in London is a must-see for art lovers.

    The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore art, heritage, and culture from the Royal Collection. The gallery offers a spectacular insight into the personal taste of the British monarchs, their traditions, and their history. Here's what you can expect from your visit to The Queen's Gallery. 

    Unravel the Artistic Wonders of The Queen's Gallery in London

    History of The Queen’s Gallery 

    The Queen's Gallery is located adjacent to Buckingham Palace, on the site of what was once a private chapel for Queen Victoria. The chapel was destroyed in an air raid in 1940, and at the suggestion of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh it was developed as an art gallery for the Royal Collection in 1962. In 1997, a project began to expand and modernise the gallery, the most significant addition to Buckingham Palace in 150 years. The Queen's Gallery was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in May 2002 as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, and today it hosts a programme of changing exhibitions from the Royal Collection.

    Majestic Architecture

    The Queen's Gallery is an architectural marvel that beautifully combines historic design elements with modern elegance. Nestled within the majestic Buckingham Palace, the gallery's interior has been thoughtfully designed to provide a fitting environment for the incredible artwork on display. From the grand entrance hall to the intricately detailed ceilings, the gallery exudes an air of sophistication and grandeur that captures the essence of the British monarchy. As you wander through the gallery's elegant spaces, you'll be surrounded by architectural elements that reflect the rich heritage of Buckingham Palace, enhancing your experience of the Royal Collection.

    The Royal Collection Unveiled

    The Royal Collection, held in trust for the Nation by His Majesty The King, is an awe-inspiring treasure trove that spans over a million works of art, including old master paintings, sculptures, drawings, and decorative arts. Among the collection's many highlights are masterpieces by renowned artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Canaletto, as well as rare furniture, exquisite porcelain, and images from the vast photograph collection. The Royal Collection also features an impressive array of decorative arts, showcasing the finest craftsmanship from various eras and regions. As you explore the gallery, you'll uncover the artistic heritage that has shaped the British monarchy and discover the many facets of this extraordinary collection.

    Explore Exciting Exhibitions

    The Queen's Gallery offers exhibitions that explore specific themes related to art and history from the Royal Collection. These exhibitions provide a unique opportunity to discover new perspectives and insights into one of the world’s largest private art collections. Recent exhibitions have included "Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace, "Japan: Courts and Culture," and "Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing"

    Current Exhibition Style & Society: Dressing the Georgians - 21 April – 8 October 2023

    Explore how the Georgians ushered in many of the cultural trends we know today, including the first stylists and influencers, the birth of a specialised fashion press and the development of shopping as a leisure activity. You’ll discover what fashion can tell us about life in the 18th century, a revolutionary period when trade, travel and technological innovations fuelled fashion trends across all levels of society.  This exciting new exhibition includes 200 works from the Royal Collection by artists such as Gainsborough, Zoffany and Hogarth, as well as rare surviving examples of clothing and accessories, helping you explore what the Georgians wore, from the practical dress of laundry maids to the glittering gowns worn at court. 

    A visit to The Queen's Gallery promises an unforgettable experience that offers a rare glimpse into the rich and diverse cultural and artistic heritage of the Royal Collection. From the iconic masterpieces to the lesser-known pieces, each artwork in the collection has a unique story to tell. So, if you're a lover of art, history, or culture, don't miss the opportunity to visit The Queen's Gallery and immerse yourself in the opulent world of art and heritage.


    Highlights of The Queen's Gallery

    • The Royal Collection: The Queen's Gallery offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the remarkable Royal Collection, held in trust for the Nation by His Majesty The King. Discover a wealth of art, including old master paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorative arts, rare furniture, and images from the vast photograph collection, showcasing the finest artistic achievements from various eras and regions. 

    • Captivating Exhibitions: The gallery hosts a diverse range of rotating exhibitions, providing fresh and engaging experiences for visitors. These carefully curated showcases delve into various aspects of art, history, and culture, revealing fascinating stories and insights into the world of British royalty. 

    • Majestic Architecture: Experience the architectural beauty of The Queen's Gallery, housed within the iconic Buckingham Palace. The gallery's elegant spaces, featuring intricate detailing and historic design elements, provide a fitting backdrop for the incredible artwork on display. 

    • Fascinating History: Uncover the rich history of The Queen's Gallery, from its establishment in 1962 by Queen Elizabeth II to its ongoing role in presenting the Royal Collection to the public. Learn about the gallery's unique past, its connection to the British monarchy, and its evolution over the years. 

    • Multimedia Guides: During your visit to The Queen's Gallery, you have the opportunity to use a multimedia guide to enhance your experience. These guides use audio and visual technology to provide you with an even deeper understanding of the artworks on display, their significance, and the artists behind them. You can use these guides to gain more insights into the fascinating history of the exhibition. 


    Opening hours of The Queens Gallery 

    The Queen's Gallery is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

    • Opening time: 10:00  
    • Last admission: 16:15 
    • Closing time: 17:30      

    • 9 October – 9 November 2023 - Gallery closed 
    • 25 December 2023 - Gallery closed   

    The Queen's Gallery is part of a working royal palace so sometimes closures can happen at short notice.​ Any closure dates will be listed here.  



    Reservations for The Queens Gallery 

      As a Turbopass customer, you don't have to book your visit to the Queen's Gallery in advance. All you have to do is show your passport at the entrance and have it scanned.

      Please note that during busy times, you may be asked to wait for the next available time slot. This is to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience and that the gallery does not become overcrowded. 

      To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking the availability of the Queen's Gallery by visiting their official website before your visit. This will give you a better idea of when you can expect to visit and help you plan your trip accordingly  


    Restrictions of The Queens Gallery

    Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcome at the Gallery. Out of consideration to other visitors, we ask that you go out of the exhibition space into the foyer if you need to make or answer a phone call.

    Food and drink are not permitted inside the gallery. Visitors are requested to leave their food and drink outside or in the designated areas. 

    Large bags, rucksacks, and suitcases are not allowed inside the gallery. Visitors are requested to leave these items at home or in their accommodation.

    Strollers and pushchairs are not permitted inside the gallery. However, there is a cloakroom where visitors can leave their strollers and pushchairs. 

    • Visitors are requested to dress appropriately when visiting the Queen's Gallery. Clothing that is revealing or offensive is not allowed inside the gallery.  


    How to get to The Queens Gallery

    The Queen's Gallery is located at Buckingham Palace, in the heart of London, making it easily accessible by public transport, taxi, or on foot.   

    By metro: The nearest metro stations to the Queen's Gallery are Victoria, Green Park, and Hyde Park Corner, all within walking distance.

    By bus: Several bus routes pass close to the gallery, including numbers 11, 211, C1, and C10 - stop on Buckingham Palace Road.   

    By taxi: Taxis are readily available throughout London and can drop you off at the entrance to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen's Gallery is located. 

    By foot: If you're exploring the city on foot, the Queen's Gallery is just a short walk from many of London's top attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and Trafalgar Square.

    No matter which mode of transport you choose, getting to the Queen's Gallery is easy, and there are plenty of signs to guide you to the entrance once you arrive at Buckingham Palace.  


    Address of the Queens Gallery

    The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA  

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    A visit to the Queens Gallery in London is a must for any art lover or history buff. With impressive artworks in the Royal Collection and featured in stunning exhibitions, visitors will be amazed by the treasures on display. Book your London City Pass now to explore these and many more top London attractions. With a London City Pass, you can make the most of your time in London and enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer.

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