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Caixa Forum Palma de Mallorca: Culture and art on the Mediterranean

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The Caixa Forum in Palma de Mallorca is a renowned cultural center on the Spanish island. It was founded by the Fundació La Caixa and serves as a meeting place for art, culture and education. The building itself is an architectural gem and houses an impressive collection of contemporary artworks. Visitors can look forward to changing exhibitions, concerts, lectures and cultural events. The Caixa Forum is actively involved in promoting education and cultural exchange and is an important attraction for locals and tourists alike. It is the ideal place to explore the rich history and contemporary art scene of Palma de Mallorca.

The Mallorca Pass gives you free entry to the Caixa Forum Museum.

From the Gran Hotel Palma de Mallorca to the Cosmo Caixa Museum

The fascinating building of the Caixa Forum

The current CaixaForum Palma building once served as the Gran Hotel, a project by Joan Palmer and designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. This architectural gem, considered an outstanding example of the modernist style in Palma, has undergone several renovations over its more than a century-long history due to various purposes it has served.

The building impresses with its elegant use of brick, stucco, stone, glazed ceramics, and wrought iron. In addition to that, there are oriental details, neogothic elements, floral motifs on the capitals, and artistically designed multicolored tiles, all of which come together to create a harmonious blend.

The Gran Hotel, a truly impressive representation of Catalan modernism at the beginning of the 20th century, opened its doors in 1903 and quickly became a prominent part of Palma's cityscape. Before its transformation into CaixaForum Palma in 1993, the building served as the National Social Security Institute from 1942 onwards. During this period, some of the architectural treasures on the facade were concealed. Therefore, during the renovation, driven by the "la Caixa" Foundation, it was of paramount importance to restore these valuable details. The restoration was carried out with such respect and precision that the Ministry of Culture declared the building a cultural heritage site in 2003.From the outset, CaixaForum has established itself as a cultural flagship of the "la Caixa" Foundation, with a strong focus on providing access to and promoting the dissemination of culture.

The institution is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, culture, and science as instruments for social improvement. This is reflected in a consistent project concept that has been well-received by the public. Each CaixaForum center throughout Spain has been designed in accordance with this project identity and stands out with its unique architecture and personality, establishing an important connection with the citizens.


Highlights of Caixa Forum Palma

  • Diverse Art exhibitions: The Caixa Forum in Palma de Mallorca houses an impressive collection of contemporary artworks and regularly hosts rotating exhibitions that span from painting to sculpture to photography. Art enthusiasts of all ages will discover inspiring works here.
  • Interactive experiences for families: The museum is a perfect place for families and children. It offers special exhibitions and interactive games that introduce young visitors to the world of art in an entertaining way. From creative workshops to interactive installations, there is much to explore.
  • Architectural masterpiece: The Caixa Forum building itself is an architectural gem. Designed by a renowned architect, it impresses with its modern and innovative design. A stroll through the building is an experience in itself.
  • Cultural events: In addition to the exhibitions, Caixa Forum offers a wide range of cultural events such as concerts, lectures, and film screenings. It is a vibrant place where visitors can experience various forms of art and culture.


Opening Hours of Caixa Forum Palma

Monday to Sunday and on holidays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Closed on December 25th, as well as on January 1st and 6th.

Special opening hours: December 24th and 31st, as well as January 5th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Reservation of your ticket for Caixa Forum

With your Mallorca Pass, you have free admission.

You can get your museum ticket when you take the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.


  • ACCESSIBLE TO DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING INDIVIDUALS. Visits in sign language (SL) and visits adapted to oral communication options require prior registration at the phone number 971 178512 or via email at icaixaforumpalma@magmacultura.com.
  • ACCESSIBLE TO INDIVIDUALS WITH COGNITIVE, INTELLECTUAL, OR PSYCHIATRIC DISABILITIES. Adaptation of educational workshops and guided tours of the exhibitions and the building for individuals with cognitive, intellectual, or psychiatric disabilities.



How to get to Caixa Forum Palma

Caixa Forum is located in the city center of Palma de Mallorca. If your hotel is in the city center, you can easily reach the museum on foot. 

Here are a few options starting from Plaza de España: 

Bus: Bus numbers 4, 7, and 35 will take you to Plaza del Mercat, from there it's just a 1-minute walk to the museum.


Adress of Caixa Forum Palma

Plaça de Weyler, 3, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears

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