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Mallorca Pass > All Attractions > Cuevas de Hams (stalactite caves)

Cuevas de Hams (stalactite caves)

Discover one of the most popular caves on Mallorca and save 21 € admission fee with your Mallorca Pass. 

Ein ruderboot im Wasser in den Cuevas de Hams Blau angestrahlte Wand in den Höhlen Bunte Stalagmiten in den Cuevas de Hams Ein Regenbogen an den Wänden der Höhlen durch Installationen

The Coves del Hams, which are located on the east coast of the island, are one of the most important stalactite caves and most popular attractions in Mallorca. They were discovered in 1905, and captivate its visitors through their unique, arboreally grown stalactite formations and their subterranean lakes. On a 500-meter long tour, you will explore over a dozen of different caves. A highlight of the Coves del Hams is the music show with light effects, as well as a performance of the genesis, which are sure to make an unforgettable impression on you. Browse through the impressive passage ways of the Coves del Hams as also the souvenir shop. Whether you are looking for something for your loved ones or for yourself, you will definitely find something here. With the Mallorca Pass, you will receive a 5% discount off your purchase. 

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Opening hours Coves del Hams

30 October–15 November
Monday–Sunday:  10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

16 November–28.February
Monday–Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 AM

1 March–30 June
Monday–Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

01 July–29 October
Monday–Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Coves del Ham offers you the possibility to visit the unique caves all year. From October to June, the last guieded tours start at 04:00PM/04:30PM. In summer, the last group of "cave explorer" embarks on a journey at 05:00PM.
The first guided tour starts at 10:00AM daily.

Regular admission fees Coves del Hams

Adults: 21 €

The Coves del Hams regularly charge an admission fee of 21 €. By using the Mallorca Pass, you will save the fee and you will already have your ticket included. 
You will enjoy free admission to Coves del Hams. The Mallorca Pass is the perfect Mallorca sightseeing ticket for your holiday!

Address Coves del Hams

Ctra. Manacor - Porto Cristo, km 11.5 07680 Porto Cristo

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Special conditions of use Coves del Hams

Duration of a guided tour: ca. 75 minutes. Many visitors can cause short delays.The spacious area is ideal for a picnic. There are also wifi-zones and restaurants.