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Flora und Fauna


With more than 1500 species of flora, the plant life on the Balearic Islands is very diverse. The different types of plants and plantation give the landscapes color and also even offers orange harvests, which is also makes a beautiful picture. 

While in the mountains, white pines and holm oaks prevail. These mountains also offer hikers diverse landscapes that are rich in vegetation, as well as thick woodlands (“the Maccia”) with junipers, strawberry trees, and dwarf palm trees (or “Garrigue”) with thorn bushes and herb meadows. There are also over 1000 orchid species to be found on the island. 

Mallorca’s fauna (wildlife), is not as diverse as its flora. The wild life here is especially characterized by its diverse species of birds, which includes cormorant, flamingos, herons, and all kinds of birds of prey species, as well as songbirds that migrate to the island for the winter. In the meantime, there are 3000 different types of birds in Mallorca. 

Large, wild mammals are rare in Mallorca, most wild fauna on the island consists of rabbits, hares, and mountain goats, as well as geckos and lizards. Unlethal snakes are also quite common in the inlands of the island. However, one animal that you should be wary of is the pine procession moth. Hundreds, even thousands of these caterpillars line hiking trails (like a procession). Because their hair is poisonous, touching this insect should be avoided, otherwise you will experience swelling and itching.   

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