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Mallorca Pass > All Attractions > Poblat Talaiotic Ses Paisses (Archeological site)

Poblat Talaiotic Ses Paisses (Archeological site)

Discover the archeological site Ses Paisses - The admission fee is already included with your Mallorca Pass and you save € 2!

Der Eingang zur Ausgrabungsstätte Ses Paisses Steinmauer mit Durchgang im Ses Paisses Statue aus Stein im Ses Paisses Steinlandschaft im Ses Paisses

The archaeological site, Ses Paisses (full name: Poblat Talajotic Ses Paisses or “Talayotic settlement of Ses Paisses”) is located southeast of the city, Artà. Peruse through the remnants of a settlement that was most likely inhabited between 1000 and 100 BC. This site is home to important and well-preserved remains of the megalith culture on the Balearic Islands. Dive into the history and cultural heritage of Mallorca. 

Opening hours Ses Paisses

Mon–Fri: 10:00AM–05:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM–02:00PM

Mon–Sat: 10:00AM–02:00PM

Admission fee Ses Paisses

Admission: € 2

Address Ses Paisses

Lloc Poligon 13,
133 07570 Arta

Special conditions of use

The site is closed from 19 December to 24 January!