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Explore the Impressive Ruins of the Terme di Caracalla in Rome

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The "Terme di Caracalla" or Caracalla Spa, is an ancient bathing landscape in Rome. Along with the Diocletian Baths and the Trajan Baths, it is one of the largest thermal baths of Roman antiquity. Remains of the Terme di Caracalla are still preserved today and can be found along the Via Appia Antica in the vicinity of the Italian capital. 

Opening Hours of the Terme di Caracalla

From 1 April 2022

Tuesday to Sunday 9.00 am -7.15 pm
last admission at 6 pm

The ticket office closes at 6.15pm
Closed: Monday, 25 and 27 December, 1 January, 16 August
Free entrance: 25 April and 4 November 

The Terme di Caracalla is open all-year round and is ready to accommodate guests bright and early at 9 in the morning. The Terme di Caracalla tries to minimize its usage of artificial light, which means that the end of opening hours usually takes place when the sun has set. Because of this, the opening hours of the Terme di Caracalla varies throughout the year. From the last Sunday in October to February 15, you can visit the Terme di Caracalla until 4:30 pm. From February 16 to March 15, the Terme di Caracalla is open until 5 pm. In the second half of March, you can visit until 5:30 pm. During summer seasons, the Terme di Caracalla is open longer until 7:15 pm to accommodate visitors. Because the sun sets earlier from September on, the Terme di Caracalla closes its doors at 7 pm, while from October 1 to the last Sunday of the month, the Termi di Caracalla can be visited until 6:30 pm.

Admission Price for the Terme di Caracalla

Adults: 8.00 €
Reduced Price for EU-Citizens age 18-25 and teachers/professors in the EU: 2.00 €
Children (under 18-years old): FREE 

The regular admission price for the Terme di Caracalla varies. Adults must pay 8.00 €, while EU citizens between the ages 18 and 25, as well as teachers/professors from the EU can pay a reduced admission price of 2.00 €. Visitors under 18 years old can be admitted into the Terme di Caracalla for free. As a Rome City Pass Holder, you can explore this attraction without having to pay multiple admission fees! 

Tickets into the Terme di Caracalla

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Address of the Termi di Caracalla


Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 52
00184 Rome

+39 06 39967700

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The Terme di Caracalla is located at the following address: Via della Terme di Caracalla 52. Despite not being exactly in the center of Rome, the Terme di Caracalla can be easily reached. The Parco San Sebastiano is located right beside the Terme di Caracalla, and serves as a popular meeting point for tourists. Here you can find a nice, shady area where you can take a break from sightseeing and charge your batteries for the next attraction in Rome that's on your list.

Directions to the Terme di Caracalla

Metro B Circo Massimo
Tram 3 Aventino - Circo Massimo
Bus 671, 714, 717, 792, N. 760 or 628 to Terme Caracalla 

The Terme di Caracalla can be easily reached using a variety of public transport. You can ride the Metro B to the "Circo Massimo" station, or you can ride the Tram 3 to the "Aventino- Circo Massimo" station. From both of these stations, you will only need to walk 10 minutes to reach the Terme di Carracalla. Otherwise, you can also ride either the 671, 714, 717, 792, N. 760 or the 628 bus to the "Terme Caracalla" bus stop. From here, you will have a much shorter walk (100 meters) before you arrive at the Terme di Caracalla.

Special Terms and Conditions

The Terme di Caracalla is closed on December 25 and January 1.

Last admission into the Terme di Caracalla always takes place one hour before the end of opening hours.  

Highlights of the Terme di Caracalla

  • Ancient bathing complex
  • Public meeting place in ancient Rome
  • Epitome of Roman architecture
  • Located at the famous Via Appia Antica 

Tips For Your Visit to the Terme di Caracalla

Operas and ballet shows take place regularly on the grounds of the Terme di Caracalla. You can buy tickets to see these Roman operas at their website.

Attraction Near the Terme di Caracalla

Many other attractions and sights are located nearby the Terme di Caracalla such as the Colosseum, which is only 15-minutes away by metro. This ancient amphitheater was once an arena for numerous sports and games, as well as a place to see animal fights and executions. The Terme di Caracalla is also located nearby the Museo della Mura, where you can take a walk on the Aurelian Wall and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rome. You only need to walk 15-minutes through the Parco San Sebastiano and Parco degli Scipioni to reach this museum. With a 20-minute bus ride, you can also reach the MARCO Testaccio after your visit to the Terme di Caracalla. The building in which this museum is located in once served as a slaughterhouse, but now displays international, contemporary art work. 

History of the Terme di Caracalla

The beginnings of the Terme di Caracalla started when it was first established by Emperor Caracalla in 216 AC. The Terme di Caracalla stretches over 340 x 330 meters, and was built in one of the poorer areas of Rome at that time for the ulterior motive of increasing the Emperor’s popularity with the citizens of Rome. Just like the Baths of Diocletian, when the Terme di Caracalla was completed, the baths were open to the public for free. Emperor Elagbal and Alexander Severus further expanded these thermae and also added arcades and decorations on the facade of the Terme di Caracalla. However, the walls of the Terme di Caracalla were destroyed over the years due to various events like earthquakes, rain, heat, and ice. Just like many other buildings and structures from this time, the Terme di Caracalla was eventually only used as a stone quarry until the 12th century. In the 16th century, Pope Paul III and his family ordered for the majority of the stonework from the Terme di Caracalla to be removed so that they could be used to decorate the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Palazzo Farnese. 

Construction of the Terme di Caracalla

When the Terme di Caracalla was at its peak of activity, it could accommodate over 1000 guests at once. The Terme di Caracalla served not only as a place to bath, exercise, and personal hygiene, but also as a place to socialize and study. The design of this facility was typical of Roman thermal hot springs, where there was a warm pool in the middle of the bathing facility and two side wings, which had sections where people could get undressed, swim, enjoy a hot sauna, or play sports. This thermal bath facility had expansions to its design, which included two pools with cooler water where visitors could cool off after a dip in the hot baths. There was also a pool with cold water, as well as massage, manicure, and hair salons on the second floor of the Terme di Caracalla. A beautiful park was also built around the Terme di Caracalla where drinks and small snacks were sold. Because of numerous outlets for entertainment, many visitors of the Terme di Caracalla found themselves staying for many hours at this bathing facility to soothe their bodies, revitalize their spirits, and also engage in social activities.

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