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Rome City Pass > All Attractions > Vatican Cortile della Biblioteca

Vatican Cortile della Biblioteca

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Cortile della biblioteca im Vatikan

The Cortile della Biblioteca is one of the three Vatican Courts built between 1817 and 1822. At this time another cross corridor to the existing one was built. This one is called Braccio Nuovo. It was built by Raphael Stern.  The Braccio Nuovo divides another part of the Cortile della Pigna, creating another small courtyard, the Cortile della Biblioteca. The Cortile della Biblioteca is the third of the Vatican Courts.

Opening times Cortile della Biblioteca

Monday to Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm

Last admission is at 4 pm. You will be asked to leave 30 minutes before closing time. For more information visit the offical website of the Vatican.

Admission Cortile della Biblioteca 

Adults: 21€

Reduced: 12€

The regular admission fee is 21€ for adults and the reduced admission for students is 12€. With the Rome City Pass the entry to the Cortile della Biblioteca is free. With your order of the Rome City Pass you get a ticket for the Vatican. Show your Vatican ticket and get free entry to the Cortile della Biblioteca and many more attractions at the Vatican. You don't have to pay any fees. At some days the entry to the Cortile della Biblioteca can be free of charge.Please inform yourself at the website about different catergories of admission prices.

Address Cortile della Biblioteca

Viale Vaticano
00165 Rom

Direction Cortile della Biblioteca

Access to the three courts is preferably via Atrio delle Corazze. This is the so-called court of amor in the Vatican. For a smooth approach to the Cortile della Biblioteca cross the "Quattrao Cancelli", the 4 gates. This will take you quickly to the Cortile della Pigna and to the courtyard. The popular route continues via the Belvedere courtyard to the Cortile della Biblioteca.

Highlights Cortile della Biblioteca

  • One of three Vatican Courtyards
  • Founded 1450 A.D.
  • More than 1.5 millions historical books
  • Freshly restored since 2010

Near Cortile della Biblioteca

Save 21€ with your Rome City Pass!