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Rome City Pass > All Attractions > Museo Gregoriano Profano

Museo Gregoriano Profano

Discover the Museo Gregoriano Profano and save 21€ with your Rome City Pass.

Museo Gregoriano Profano Statue historisch in Rom

At the Museo Gregoriano Profano you can embark on a journey through time, from ancient Greece 
to the late Roman Empire. Admire the treasures of Greek and Romanantiquity, witnesses of a long gone time.

Opening times Museum Gregoriano Profano

Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm

The Museo Gregariano Profano open their doors all year round The Vatican has closed on Sundays. Last admission is at 4 pm. You will be asked to leave 30 minutes before closing time. For more information visit the offical website of the Vatican.

Admission Museo Gregoriano Profano

Adult: 21€

Reduced: 12 €

The regular admission fee is 21€ for adults and the reduced admission is 12€.  With the Rome City Pass the entry to the Museo Gregoriano Profano is free. Please consider the opening times. With your order of the Rome City Pass you get a  ticket for the Vatican. Show your Vatican ticket and get free entry to the Museo Gregoriano Profano and many more attractions at the Vatican. Additional with your Rome City Pass you can skip the line at the ticket counter. You don't have to pay any fees.

Tickets Museo Gregoriano Profano

Enjoy the Museo Gregoriano Profano free with your practical Rome City Pass. Before your journey, you will receive your ticket for the Museo Gregoriano Profano´, public transport and many more attractions. 

Address Museo Gregoriano Profano


Viale Vaticano
 00165 Rom

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You can find the Museo Gregorian Profano at Viale Vaticano, 00165 Rome. Because the Museo Gregorian Profano is a part of the Vatican Museums it's the same address like the Vatican. Near the Vatican Museums you can find many more attractions, which are included in your Rome City Pass.

Directions Museo Gregoriano Profano

The public transport is in your Rome City Pass included. You can use the metro A to Battistini or the bus 49.

Highlights Museo Gregoriano Profano

  • Classical Art from Ancient Greece to the Late Roman Empire
  • Collection of grave sculpture objects such as urns, altars, sarcophagi
  • is located in a new building of the Vatican

Near Museo Gregoriano Profano

Visit the  Museo Gregoriano Profano with your Rome City Pass for free.