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Clio Muse Audio Tours - save 10 %

Get a 10 % discount on all self-guided audio tours offered by Clio Muse Tours with the Athens City Pass and experience Athens effortlessly!

User of the Clio Muse App User of the Clio Muse App

Clio Muse Tours is a platform offering self-guided audio tours for top attractions, city walks, archaeological sites, museums and cultural institutions all over Athens. Think of it as a a portable storyteller available to enjoy at your own pace and convenience through your smartphone. With Clio Muse Tours you can fire up sightseeing and select the tour that suits your travel mood best!

Special terms and conditions Clio Muse App

You will receive along with your ticket attachment a discount code and further information on how to redeem it Once you’ve purchased your tours, you’ll download Clio Muse App on your phone
You’ll download your purchased tours so that you can access them anywhere and anytime without extra roaming charges. 

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Highlights Clio Muse Audio Tours

  • Themed audio tours created by accredited experts 
  • Interactive maps to guide your steps to each point of interest on your route 
  • Offline mode to avoid extra roaming charges 
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