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Discover the Temple of Olympian Zeus – one of the most impressing temples in Greece!

Temple of Zeus and view of the Acropolis Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens Columns in the Olympieion


  • Your ticket for the Temple of Olympian Zeus is already included in your Athens City Pass.
  • No advance reservation is required for this attraction.
  • The Olympieion is wheelchair accessible at its largest part.   
  • Ancient splendor: Experience the impressive architecture of the Temple of Olympian Zeus with its Corinthian columns made of Pentelic marble
  • Centuries in the making: Immerse yourself in the temple's rich history, from its beginnings in the 6th century BC to its completion under Roman rule in the 2nd century AD
  • Hadrian's Vision: Take a look at the vision of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who made the temple one of the greatest structures ever built
  • Stone Chronicle: Discover the "Stone Chronicle" on the columns of the temple, which gives an insight into the temple's past during Ottoman rule
  • Timeless resilience: Marvel at the temple's enduring legacy as 15 of the original columns still stand proudly today, testament to the enduring impact of Greek craftsmanship and architectural skill. 

The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens – a testimony to classical antiquity

What awaits you on site 

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The impressive Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens is a testament to the power of ancient architecture and the worship of the king of the Olympian gods, Zeus.
The construction of this temple spanned centuries, beginning in the 6th century BC until the 2nd century AD under the patronage of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. When it was completed, it was the largest temple in Greece, a magnificent structure made of the famous Pentelic marble.Although the passage of time and the changes of history have weathered its form, visitors today still marvel at the 15 remaining columns that stand proudly in their original splendor.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also known as the Olympieion, invites you on a journey through history, following in the footsteps of emperors and gods. Among the temple's treasures are the ornate carvings on the columns that bear witness to the 'Stone Chronicle', a testament to the temple's enduring legacy. These carvings served as markers for important events during the turbulent period of Ottoman rule, capturing the essence of history in stone.    

How to get there 

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Leoforos Vasilissis Olgas & Amalias Athens 11742 Greece 

Good to know

  • Opening hours
    November 1 to March 31 from 08.00 am to 3.00 pm
     April 1 to October 31 8.30 am - 3.30 pm 
  • Children/young people up to the age of 17 from EU member states are generally admitted free of charge. Please obtain a ticket for each child at the ticket counter.
  • The admission ticket for children/young people up to the age of 17 from non-EU countries is already included in the Athens City Pass if you have booked the "Acropolis Combined Ticket

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