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General questions about the City Pass

What is a City Pass?

Is there a Pass for children and teens?

Is there a City Pass for groups?

Can I transfer my City Pass to friends or family?

Are there special discounts for pensioners, pupils, students or the disabled?

Can I purchase the City Passes as a gift?

Are the City Passes also worth it for locals?

What does “Choose-and-select-attraction” mean?

What happens if I visit an attraction twice?


How can I book at Turbopass?

What methods of payment are accepted?

What are the banking details for the wire transfer?

How does PayPal work?

Is the payment secure?

Are there any shipping fees and what are the delivery times?

How can I change the data in my booking once the purchase has been completed?

Why is specification of the 1st usage, validity or departure date required?

What happens if I lose my tickets?

Up to when can I cancel my Pass?

Can I book a City Pass for somebody else?

How can I purchase a City Pass as a gift?

Delivery and Shipping

How can I get my City Pass?

How long is the delivery time with postal mail?

Can I book my City Pass last minute?

Can I pick up the City Pass at my city destination?


How can I contact Turbopass?

What should I do if there is a problem with the completion of the booking?