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Eco Catamaran Tour from the Port | Barcelona City Pass

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Experience Barcelona from a completely new perspective on our exciting catamaran tour! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the city as we sail along the stunning skyline. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the catamaran, accompanied by live music that makes the moment even more unforgettable.

On the twin-hull ships, you have plenty of space to enjoy, relax, and sunbathe

Sunset Tour with Livemusik und Drinks

Our sunset tour offers you the opportunity to experience the magic of the sunset over the sea, as the warm colors of the sky cast a magical light over the city and the Port Vell harbor. Sit back, relax, and let the soothing melody of live music carry you away as you admire the Barcelona skyline and the majestic Sagrada Familia. 

The catamaran tour lasts for 60 minutes and provides not only a sightseeing experience but also a beautiful perspective of the city. An unforgettable adventure awaits you aboard our catamaran on this sunset tour in Barcelona.


Tour times and meeting point for the Catamaran Sunset Tours

  • December and January: Friday to Sunday 5:00 PM
  • February: Friday to Sunday 4:45 PM
  • March: Friday to Sunday 5:30 PM
  • April 5th to 14th: Friday to Sunday 6:45 PM
  • April 19th to 28th: Friday to Sunday 7:15 PM
  • Meeting point and departure: The catamaran departs directly from Port Vell. City Sailing Barcelona Tickets Office (Moll de les Drassanes, 08039 Barcelona)


Eco Catamaran Ride from the Port

Come aboard our Barcelona Catamaran Tour and have a great time to the rhythm of Blues & Swing or Soul & Folk music while enjoying the breathtaking skyline of the city and the enchanting sunset.

Be inspired by a creatively designed bar that evokes the feeling of ocean waves, surprising bathrooms, and unique corners perfect for all types of photos.

Head to the upper deck of the catamaran and enjoy the view of the city from the rooftop terrace. Lie in the sun on the bow nets and relax to the rhythm of gentle ocean waves, or enjoy the refreshing sea breeze indoors while indulging in a refreshing drink at the central bar.

Admire Barcelona's most famous landmarks on an environmentally friendly sailing catamaran.Furthermore, with this experience, you contribute to the protection of the Mediterranean by supporting the removal of 1 kg of plastic waste from the sea every day with your catamaran ticket.

The catamaran offers an exclusive bar service with a wide selection of drinks, including Mediterranean cocktails, local wines, refreshing soft drinks, coffee, and refreshing beer. Delicious snacks and appetizers are also available!

Experience the skyline in a unique and original way aboard this special designer catamaran!


Reserving your Catamaran Ticket

With the Barcelona City Pass, the catamaran cruise off the coast of Barcelona is free. There are no additional costs for you.It is not necessary to book in advance, you can go directly to the office at the harbor and pick up your ticket.


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Why Book a Catamaran Boat Trip

Our Eco Catamaran Tour not only offers you the opportunity to admire landmarks and natural wonders from the water's perspective but also live music and drinks that make the excursion even more special.

If you love the sea, you'll enjoy the maritime environment. You can feel the sea breeze and perhaps even be lucky enough to spot some marine life.

A catamaran boat trip is suitable for both children and as a fun outing with friends. All ages are welcome!      


Adress of Meeting Point

City Sailing Barcelona Tickets Office (Moll de les Drassanes, 08039 Barcelona)

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