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Half-day tour to Montserrat with cogwheel train and Black Madonna

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Welcome to the guided tour to the Montserrat Mountains of Barcelona! Experience the cogwheel train ride, visit the Basilica, the Black Madonna, one of the most venerated statues of the Virgin Mary in Spain and a scenic hike. You will enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the impressive rock formations and the fresh mountain air, immersing yourself in the beauty and spirituality of Montserrat.
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Interesting facts about the Montserrat mountain in Barcelona

Montserrat: Natural park in Catalonia since 1987

Montserrat is an independent mountain massif in Catalonia, located near Barcelona, known for its unique geological formation and spiritual significance. Montserrat holds a special legal status and has been classified as a "Natural Park" since 1987, protected by the Catalan government. The reasons for its special status as a natural park are rooted in its unique geological formation, the biological diversity of the region, and its spiritual significance.Montserrat is renowned for its peculiar rock formations and is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts. Additionally, the Basilica of Montserrat is a significant pilgrimage site and a religious center of great importance for the region and beyond. Montserrat is protected and preserved due to its natural beauty and cultural significance, aiming to maintain its values and provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy its unique features.     

Basilica of Montserrat (Basilica de Montserrat)

The Basilica of Montserrat is an impressive church located atop the Montserrat mountain. It is a significant pilgrimage site and a place of worship. The current basilica was built in the late 19th century in the neo-Gothic style and is renowned for its stunning architecture and breathtaking views of the surroundings. The basilica houses the statue of the Black Madonna and is an important place for pilgrims and believers who come here to pray and pay their respects.

The Black Madonna (La Moreneta)

The Black Madonna of Montserrat is a Marian statue venerated in the Basilica of Montserrat. She is affectionately referred to as "La Moreneta," which alludes to her dark appearance. The statue has a long history and is a symbol of spirituality and devotion for many believers. Legend has it that she was discovered in the 9th century. The Black Madonna is often revered by pilgrims and visitors who come to Montserrat to pray for protection, comfort, and blessings.     

The Monastery of Montserrat (Monestir de Montserrat)

The Montserrat Monastery is a Benedictine monastery that has existed on the mountain for over 1,000 years. It is one of the oldest active monasteries in Spain. The monastery houses monks dedicated to prayer, spirituality, and hospitality. Visitors have the opportunity to tour the monastery and participate in prayer times. It also hosts the Montserrat Museum, which boasts an impressive collection of artworks from various eras, including paintings by famous artists such as El Greco and Caravaggio.

Montserrat cogwheel train (Funicular de Montserrat)

The Montserrat cogwheel train, also known as the "Funicular de Montserrat," is an integral part of the Montserrat experience, offering a unique way to explore the mountain massif. The cogwheel train connects the valley to the summit of Montserrat and provides a scenic ride with breathtaking views. The route is approximately 5.5 kilometers long and traverses the rocky landscape of the mountain.

The cogwheel train journey takes about 15 to 20 minutes and offers impressive vistas of the surrounding countryside, the rock formations of Montserrat, and the valleys below. There are several branch lines that lead to various attractions on the mountain. Some of the popular branch lines include visits to the mountain monastery of Santa Cova, the Montserrat Natural Park, and the Montserrat ski resort.


Highlights of your Guided Tour to Montserrat

  • Ride on the famous cogwheel train up to Montserrat, where you can enjoy spectacular views.
  • Visit the Basilica of Montserrat, including the Black Madonna, which is a significant religious symbol.
  • Taste 4 typical liqueurs from the region to experience the culinary diversity.
  • Access to the audiovisual exhibition "Espai Audiovisual Montserrat," providing further insights into the history and culture of the place.
  • Guided tour in Spanish and English to receive information about the history, architecture, and legends of Montserrat.
  • Comfortable transportation in an air-conditioned coach that safely takes you to your destination.
  • A radio-guide system that provides additional information about the natural park, flora and fauna, and the basilica to enrich your tour experience.


How the Guided Tour Montserrat works

Departure in Barcelona: The tour starts at 08..00h in the morning, and you will be picked up by an air-conditioned coach directly from the tour provider's office in Barcelona.

Drive to Montserrat: After approximately one hour of highway driving, we reach Montserrat.

Arrival and Cogwheel Train Ride: We arrive in Montserrat and board the cogwheel train that takes us up the mountain. During the train ride, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings. Take note of the distinctive shape of the mountain, which derives from the Catalan words Mont (mountain) and Serrat (serrated).

Exploration of Montserrat: Join our local tour guide and learn more about the history and architectural style of the monastery. The monastery currently houses a community of 80 monks who follow the rule of Saint Benedict. Discover the Gothic and Renaissance details of the basilica and sanctuary. Learn about the legend of the miraculous apparition of the Black Madonna and Child in the cave of Santa Cova. Visit the monastery's church, where the woodcarving of the Black Madonna is preserved. The figure is known as "La Moreneta" (The Black Madonna).

Free Time: In addition to the main area, there are many small churches and hiking trails that you can explore on your own. You have free time to sample the finest liqueurs, visit the basilica and the Black Madonna, receive a complimentary gift, shop for locally produced treats, or visit the audiovisual exhibition after our guided tour concludes.

The tour allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of Montserrat, explore the monastery's history, and become acquainted with the legendary Black Madonna. You also have time on your own to explore the surroundings and purchase souvenirs. The tour concludes in Barcelona, where you will be returned to our starting point.


Reservation of the Guided Tour Montserrat

The Montserrat Tour operates daily throughout the year. The tour starts at 8:00 AM at the tour provider's office. Please arrive a bit earlier to ensure the tour starts on time. The total duration of the tour is 5 hours and 30 minutes, including transportation time.

To confirm your reservation and ensure a smooth process, please follow the steps below:

Reservation by e-mail or telephone: Send us an e-mail to incoming@julia.net or call us on 0034 933176454. Please make your reservation at least 48 hours before the desired tour date.

Cancellation:If you need to cancel your reservation, please inform us up to 24 hours before the start of the tour so that we can adjust your booking.

Details per City Pass holder: In your email, you should include the details for each City Pass holder, including the name and QR code. This helps us to manage your booking correctly. 


Restrictions of Guided Tour Montserrat

  • Dress Code: A dress code is required upon entering the venue. Both men and women MUST have their knees and shoulders covered. Flip-flops are not permitted.
  • Weather Conditions: The tour takes place in all weather conditions. Please dress appropriately and adjust your clothing according to the current weather conditions.
  • Walking Tour: Please note that this tour becomes a walking tour once you arrive at the venue. Wear appropriate attire and comfortable footwear.
  • Schedule: Please check the schedule to identify the facilities you wish to visit on the premises. Ensure that you allocate enough time for your desired activities.



Meeting Point of Guided Tour


Julia Travel Office, Estació del Nord, Ground Floor, Platform 19. Carrer d'Alí Bei, 80

From the city center of Barcelona, it's a 15-20 minute walk to the meeting point. Here are some public transportation options from Plaza Catalunya:

Metro: Plaça Catalunya L1 (Direction: Fondo) to Arc de Triomf (Red Line)

Bus: Plaça Catalunya - Portal de l'Àngel Bus H16 (Direction: Fòrum Campus Besòs) to Pg Lluís Companys - Arc de Triomf

Train: Plaça de Catalunya R1 (Direction: Maçanet-Massanes) to Barcelone-Arc de Triomf


Adress of Meeting Point Guided Tour Montserrat

Julia Travel office, Estació del Nord, ground floor, platform 19. Carrer d'Alí Bei, 80

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The Natural Wonders: Montserrat is not only a spiritual place but also a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The unique rock formations, canyons, and hiking trails offer opportunities for outdoor adventures and breathtaking views. The Montserrat mountain is a captivating blend of spirituality, nature, and culture. Whether you're seeking a religious experience, a hiking adventure, or a cultural discovery, Montserrat has something special for everyone. 

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