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Barcelona Paella Cooking Class and Visit to the Boqueria Market

Chef cuts bread at the paella cooking course in Barcelona Chef explains the preparation of scampi Participants in the paella cooking course in Barcelona add mussels to the pan

Experience Spanish cuisine up close with our exciting Paella cooking class in Barcelona! Immerse yourself in Spain's rich culinary tradition and learn how to prepare not only tapas and sangria but also the legendary Paella. This cooking class promises not only delicious taste experiences but also a profound cultural experience.

How your paella cooking workshop goes

Boqueria Market - Old Town Walk - Cooking & Enjoying

Your culinary adventure begins with a visit to the famous La Boqueria Market, stretching along the bustling Las Ramblas. Here, you have the opportunity to choose the freshest ingredients for your Paella. Stroll among the stalls and let yourself be seduced by the vibrant colors and aromatic scents as you select the finest seafood, vegetables, and spices for your Paella. Your journey into the world of Spanish flavors begins here.

After making your selection, you'll proceed to a private kitchen, where you'll be initiated into the secrets of Paella preparation by an experienced master chef. With a selection of fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, you'll learn how to prepare the perfect Paella – from choosing the rice to using saffron and paprika correctly. The art of Paella requires patience and passion, and you'll have the opportunity to perfect your skills under expert guidance.

While you prepare the Paella, you'll also learn how to create classic Spanish tapas and a refreshing Sangria. Making tapas is a creative and social activity where you'll combine different flavors and textures to create small delicacies that perfectly represent Spanish dining culture. Sangria, a refreshing mixed drink made from wine and fresh fruit, is the ideal companion for your homemade tapas and delicious Paella.

After working hard to prepare all these delicious dishes, it's time to take a seat and enjoy your creations. Sit down with your group at the festively set table and immerse yourself in the rich variety of Spanish flavors. Together, you'll not only share good food but also stories and experiences you've gathered during this unique cooking class.

Our Paella cooking class in Barcelona not only offers the opportunity to explore the secrets of Spanish cuisine but also an unforgettable experience to take home with you. Learn the art of Paella and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Spain during this unforgettable culinary adventure in Barcelona. ¡Buen provecho! (Enjoy your meal!)

La Boqueria market - the oldest market in Barcelona

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, commonly known as the Boqueria Market, is one of the most famous markets in Barcelona and a real treasure for locals and tourists alike.

The Boqueria market is in a prime location right on the famous Las Ramblas promenade in the heart of Barcelona. It offers an amazing variety of fresh food, delicacies and regional products. From fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat and cheese to spices, nuts and sweets, you'll find everything your culinary heart desires.

The Boqueria market has a lively and authentic atmosphere. In addition to the market stalls, there are also numerous bars and restaurants in the Boqueria that use fresh ingredients from the market to prepare delicious tapas and dishes. This makes the market a great place to enjoy Spanish cuisine.

Due to its fame and popularity, the Boqueria market has become a major tourist attraction. Many visitors come here to take photos, taste local specialties and buy souvenirs.


Unforgettable cooking experience!

  • Start with a tour of La Boqueria market.
  • Walk through the old town of Barcelona.
  • Preparation of tapas.
  • Learn how to make paella in an interactive cooking demonstration.
  • Mix your own sangría.
  • Prepare homemade paella de marisco.
  • Get access to all recipes via a QR code.
  • Enjoy all the food and drinks during the course.


Cook typical Spanish and Catalan dishes - a real culinary delight

The Paella

Paella, a wonderfully aromatic dish from Spain, is a culinary masterpiece with a fascinating history. Paella originated in the Valencia region on the eastern coast of Spain, where it has been prized as a local delicacy for centuries.

The classic paella consists of a variety of fresh ingredients, which are typically prepared in a large flat pan (also known as a "paellera"). The main ingredients are rice, saffron, paprika, olive oil and vegetables such as green beans and tomatoes. But the heart of the paella is the seafood (seafood paella) or the chicken and rabbit, which together with prawns, mussels or squid offer a delicious variety of flavors. This dish is often garnished with a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh parsley to perfect the flavors.

Paella has become a symbol of Spanish cuisine and is appreciated all over the world. It is not only a feast for the palate, but also a tribute to Spain's rich culinary tradition.


Tapas are small but flavorful bites that originated in Spain and are now known around the world as popular culinary delights. This diverse selection of appetizers offers a wonderful way to enjoy the flavors and conviviality of Spanish cuisine.

Typical tapas include a wide range of dishes, including olives, ham, cheese, grilled prawns, grilled vegetables, mushrooms fried in garlic oil and much more. A tradition in Spain is to order tapas in bars and restaurants and enjoy them with a glass of wine or a refreshing drink.

The origins of tapas are varied and range from a simple slice of bread placed over a drink to ward off flies, to more elaborate creations that reflect Spanish creativity and passion for good food.


When does the cooking course take place?

We offer two different times each day and you can choose between 13:00 and 16:00. The duration of the course is usually between 2.5 and 3 hours, which is enough time to immerse yourself in the secrets of paella preparation and Spanish cuisine.

Please note that it is not possible to visit the market on Sundays and public holidays, as it is closed on these days. However, this does not mean that you have to miss out on an authentic culinary experience. Our cooking courses also offer a wealth of opportunities to enjoy Spanish cuisine in all its glory on these days.


Reservation of the Paella cooking experience Barcelona

  • Send request: If you are interested in our paella cooking course, simply send us an email (preferably a few days in advance) to with your request.
  • Check availability: Once we have received your request, we will check availability for the dates and times you have requested.
  • Confirmation and ticket: As soon as we can confirm availability, we will send you a ticket by e-mail. This ticket will contain all the important information you need to take part in the paella cooking class, including the reserved dates and times.
  • No additional costs with the Barcelona City Pass: With the Barcelona City Pass, there are no additional costs for participating in the paella cooking class.We look forward to welcoming you to your paella cooking class in Barcelona and offering you an unforgettable culinary experience!



Meeting point for the paella cooking class in Barcelona

The meeting point for the paella cooking class is the cozy "Travellers Nest Bar" in Barcelona, which is located at Carrer de la Boqueria 27.

If you are traveling by metro, the closest station is "Liceu", which is on the green line. From there, it's just a short walk to Travellers Nest Bar, where our adventure into the world of Spanish cuisine will begin.


Adress of the Meeting Point

Travellers Nest BarCarrer de la Boqueria 27Barcelona08002

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