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The fascinating world of La Perle by Dragone in Dubai: an unforgettable experience!

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  • A Cirque du Soleil-style extravaganza: A 90-minute show spectacle that combines the best of artistic performance, choreography and technique.
  • Gold Seat Privilege: Secure the best audience experience with the Gold Seat and enjoy a unique perspective on the fascinating performances on stage.
  • Breathtaking performances: A visual feast with stunts on water and in the air
  • Dragone's Vision: Franco Dragone is a brilliant performer who captivates audiences with a unique blend of storytelling, drama and breathtaking feats.
  • A must-see for visitors: The show at Al Habtoor City not only offers an entertaining evening, but also a deep insight into the cultural vibrancy of Dubai.   

Discover Dubai's first-class theatre experience: La Perle by Dragone

What awaits you on site

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La Perle by Dragone in the heart of Dubai presents an impressive combination of art, technology and risky stunts, both on water and in the air. On the unique aqua stage, 65 artists from all over the world come together and use their unique skills to tell a captivating story. As the audience takes their seats, they are taken on a journey that will inspire, captivate and deeply move them.

At the heart of La Perle is the state-of-the-art aqua theatre, specially designed for a dynamic mix of aquatic and aerial performances. The impressive 270-degree seating surrounding the stage gives the audience a unique perspective and draws them deep into the unfolding action. Marvel at how the stage changes with the ebb and flow of the water, in real time. As the water works its magic, the artists perform impressive stunts, including breathtaking jumps from dizzying heights that leave the audience in awe. The show is a tribute to the city's diverse heritage, its vibrant zeitgeist and its visions for the future. Every nuance, from the detailed choreography to the soulful music, captures a piece of the essence of Dubai. As the region's leading show theatre, it offers an unparalleled atmosphere. With a capacity of 1,300 and only 14 rows, every audience member is guaranteed an up-close encounter with the magic on stage. As the performers float effortlessly through the air or dive into the pools below them, the audience is surprised with a visual experience that will live long in the memory. 

Where do I have to go?

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La Perle
Al Habtoor City - 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai  

Good to know

  • Opening hours: La Perle by Dragone welcomes guests from Tuesday to Saturday and offers two show times: an early evening show at 06:30 pm and a night show at 09:00 pm. With this schedule, you can combine your visit with your Dubai itinerary.  
  • Dates: When you purchase your Turbopass Dubai City Pass, simply select your preferred date and time for La Perle. Your ticket will be reserved and dispatched together with your City Pass.
  • Age restrictions: For safety and comfort reasons, children under the age of 2 are not admitted to the performance.
  • Duration of the performance: Approximately 90 minutes without intermission. 

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