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The Medici Museum in Florence - A treasure trove of Medici history

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The Museo de' Medici - located in one of the most extraordinary buildings in the city - is the place to discover the history of the most famous dynasty in the world. From Lorenzo the Magnificent to the Electress Palatine, the memory of Casa Medici is preserved and handed down here through the exhibition of precious collections of works of art, historical relics, original documents, faithful reconstructions and multimedia installations.

A building with an eventful history – designed by Brunelleschi

500 years unfinished, yet part of the world’s first humanist library, art workshop, university, museum

The Medici Museum in Florence, also known as the "Museo de Medici", is a museum dedicated to the history and heritage of the Medici family. The Medici were an influential Italian family who achieved great political, economic and cultural importance in Florence in the 15th century. 

The Museo de Medici is a place where visitors can explore the history and heritage of this influential family and the cultural heyday of the Renaissance in Florence. It offers insights into the political, artistic and religious aspects of this fascinating period of history. 

History of the Medici family

The Medici family from Florence was one of the most influential and important families in the history of Italy and Europe. Their rise to power and their dominance over the city of Florence spanned several centuries and left a lasting influence on the art, politics and culture of the Renaissance.

The Medici originally rose from the banking sector and established themselves as one of the leading banking families in Europe in the 14th century. However, their true rise began when Cosimo de’ Medici, also known as "Cosimo the Elder", entered the political arena. He skilfully used his financial power to gain political influence and became the de facto ruler of Florence in the 1430s, even though the city was formally a republic.

Cultural influence

The Medici family was an important patron of the arts and sciences during the Renaissance. They invited outstanding artists and scholars to Florence, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei. This helped to make Florence an important cultural centre of the Renaissance.

Connection to the Catholic Church

Three popes from the Medici family are known: Leo X, Clement VII and Leo XI. These papal connections helped to strengthen the family’s influence in the Catholic Church.

Collections and works of art

The Medici Museum houses an impressive collection of works of art, including paintings, sculptures, furniture and artefacts that represent the cultural heritage of the family and the Renaissance in general.



  • The Medici dynasty: The Museo de Medici in Florence offers fascinating insights into the life and times of the Medici family, which produced seven Grand Dukes of Tuscany.
  • Connection to the Church: The Museo de Medici tells the story of three popes and their role in the Catholic Church and offers a fascinating insight into Italy’s religious history.
  • Royal connections: The museum also sheds light on the Medici family’s connections to European royalty.
  • The Medici dynasty: The Museo de Medici in Florence offers fascinating insights into the life and times of the Medici family, which produced seven Grand Dukes of Tuscany.


Opening hours

Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



Admission to the Medici Museum is already included in your Florence City Pass. A reservation is not necessary.




How to get there

The nearest bus stop is "Museo Archeologico"



Rotonda del Brunelleschi
50122 Firenze FI, Italy

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