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The Museo de Medici in Florence - A Treasure House of Medici History and Art

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The Museo de' Medici - located in one of the most extraordinary buildings in the city - is the place to discover the history of the most famous dynasty in the world. From Lorenzo the Magnificent to the Electress Palatine, the memory of Casa Medici is preserved and handed down here through the exhibition of precious collections of works of art, historical relics, original documents, faithful reconstructions and multimedia installations.

The Medici family through the ages

The Medici family from Florence was one of the most influential and significant families in the history of Italy and Europe. Their rise to power and dominance over the city of Florence spanned several centuries and left a lasting impact on the art, politics, and culture of the Renaissance. 

The Medici initially emerged from the banking sector and established themselves as one of Europe's leading banking families in the 14th century. However, their true ascent began when Cosimo de' Medici, also known as "Cosimo the Elder," entered the political stage. He adeptly used his financial power to gain political influence and became the de facto ruler of Florence in the 1430s, even though the city was formally a republic. 

Lorenzo de' Medici, also known as "Lorenzo the Magnificent," was another significant figure from the family. He promoted the arts and sciences, inviting many of the outstanding artists and thinkers of the Renaissance to Florence, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. This helped transform the city into a cultural center of global significance. 

The Medici family also gained power within the Catholic Church, providing three popes. These papal connections further bolstered their influence in Europe. Simultaneously, they pursued astute foreign policies to solidify their power base. Despite political turmoil and conflicts, the Medici family retained control over Florence until the mid-18th century. Their legacy, in the form of art treasures, architectural masterpieces, and intellectual promotion, continues to endure. The Medicis profoundly shaped the Renaissance in Florence and beyond and are a captivating chapter in the history of European dynasties and culture.

Opening Hours

Daily 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Admission to the Medici Museum is already included in your Florence City Pass. 

No reservation is necessary.

Address of the Medici Museum

Rotonda del Brunelleschi, 50122 Firenze FI, Italia

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Highlights of the Museum Medici in Florence

  • The Medici Dynasty: The Museo de Medici in Florence offers a fascinating insight into the life and times of the Medici family, which produced seven Grand Dukes of Tuscany. This influential family left its mark not only on Florence but also on the history of Italy. 
  • Connection to the Church: Three popes from the Medici lineage stand out as a remarkable aspect of the family's history. The Museo de Medici narrates the story of these popes and their role in the Catholic Church, providing a captivating glimpse into Italy's religious history. 
  • Royal Connections: The museum also sheds light on the Medici family's ties to European royal houses. Particularly impressive are the stories of two Queens of France who were members of the Medici family. Their intriguing life paths and relationships with other European monarchies are an engaging part of the exhibition. 
  • Art and Culture: In addition to the political and religious aspects, the Museo de Medici boasts an impressive collection of artworks that reflect the cultural zenith of the Renaissance. From paintings to sculptures and intricate artifacts, there is much to admire here, showcasing the artistic brilliance of the Medici era.

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