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Public transport in Hamburg: Discover the whole city!

S-Bahn of the HVV on the track Schedule of the HVV public transport Ferry line of the HVV in th harbour High-speed bus of the HVV at the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg


  • Free and priority entry to the city's most popular attractions, museums and guided tours with the Hamburg City Pass - one ticket, everything included!
  • The local transport ticket for Hamburg can be optionally added to your City Pass.
  • You will automatically receive a day ticket for each day of your booking. 
  • With the HVV ferries through the port of Hamburg
  • Free travel on the Elbe, e.g. to the beach at Övelgönne or to Finkenwerder
  • All trains run continuously on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Round trip through the city on the U3 underground line - experience Hamburg from "above" on the most beautiful route in Hamburg
  • No need to buy additional tickets with your City Pass and local transport ticket  

Free travel on local transport to Hamburg's sights and the airport


All the sights included in the Hamburg City Pass are easy to reach by public transport. The Hamburg City Pass with local transport is ideal for all visitors who want to reach their next destination as quickly and easily as possible. Hamburg's suburban trains, underground trains, buses, express buses and the harbour ferries in the AB area can be used without limit.

The blue oval circle on the network map defines the fare zone boundary of the Hamburg AB area and comprises a total of 6 rings. In this area you will find all the museums and sights included in your Hamburg City Pass, so you don't have to pay anything extra.Information on departure times and timetables as well as your individual train connection can be obtained directly from the HVV.

Travel to and from Hamburg Airport is also included in your local transport ticket! Everything is perfectly signposted at the airport. Go to the S-Bahn station in Terminal 1 or 2, get on S-Bahn 1 at Hamburg Airport and travel relaxed and comfortably to the city centre. The S1 takes you past ten stops into the centre of Hamburg. You can get off and change trains anywhere. The S1 runs every ten minutes between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., so you don't have to wait long for a connection.If you are travelling from the city centre to the airport, please make sure that you sit in one of the front compartments at Ohlsdorf station (last stop before the airport). The rear carriages are uncoupled and travel in a different direction.    

Underground line 3: a must for your stay in Hamburg!

Hop on the yellow U3 - for the people of Hamburg it is the "most beautiful underground line in the world". The U3 is a special underground line in Hamburg. Only 9 out of 25 stations are underground, the other stops offer very special panoramic views.

In 1912, the U3 was Hamburg's very first underground line and is now considered the favourite line of many tourists. Even long-established Hamburg residents enjoy the view of Hamburg harbour from the Landungsbrücken underground station.

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Good to know

  • You travel free of charge in the AB area of the HVV.
  • Your ticket is valid all day on the days you book until 6 a.m. on the following day.
  • The local transport ticket must be shown at the ticket inspection. 
  • Look here for the exact journey times of local transport hvv - search for connections
  • Strict ban on alcohol and smoking on all local transport services  

Discover Hamburg the smart way and book the Hamburg City Pass!


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