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  • Multimedia showrooms: Thematically designed rooms that take you through different eras and milestones of Udo Lindenberg's career.
  • Virtual reality experiences: Up-close experiences of concerts and virtual tours with Udo Lindenberg.
  • Augmented reality installations: Interactive exhibits and images that come to life through AR technology and provide additional information.
  • 360-degree films: Exclusive insights behind the scenes of concerts and music productions in specially designed cinemas.  

Panik City: a unique multimedia experience in Hamburg

What awaits you on site


Panik City, also known as the Udo Lindenberg Experience, is an extraordinary multimedia experience on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Here, visitors are given a fascinating insight into the life and career of German rock musician Udo Lindenberg. The interactive journey through the artist's eventful history is accompanied by state-of-the-art technology and impressive visual effects.

A series of interactive stations and highlights await visitors to Panik City. Each room is themed and takes visitors through different eras and milestones of Udo Lindenberg's career - from the beginnings of his music career to his greatest successes and personal insights into his life. With the help of virtual reality (VR) technology, visitors can take part in concerts up close or go on a virtual tour with Udo Lindenberg.

Augmented reality (AR) installations bring exhibits and images to life and allow visitors to immerse themselves interactively in the world of Udo Lindenberg. This technology makes it possible to discover additional information and stories in a playful way. In specially designed cinema rooms, visitors can watch 360-degree films that offer exclusive insights behind the scenes of Udo Lindenberg's concerts and music productions. These films are equipped with impressive visual effects and high-quality soundtracks.Another attraction is the interactive musical instruments, where visitors have the opportunity to try out various instruments and become part of a band themselves. 

Where do I have to go?

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Panik City Betriebs GmbH c/o Klubhaus St. Pauli Spielbudenplatz 21-22
20359 Hamburg    

Good to know

  • Opening hours
    Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 am - 3.00 pm
    Saturday: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm
    Sunday and public holidays: 12.00 am - 3.00 pm  
  • The meeting point for the tours is 30 minutes before the start of the tour at ALTEN LIEBE - DIE PANIKBAR.
  • The tours are conducted exclusively in German. Please register in good time at the Panik City ticket office to secure your preferred time. 

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