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Free: Alster Hamburg

Alsterfontaene mit Blick auf Fernsehturm Hamburg im sonnigen Hamburg Innenalster, Binnenalster mitten in der Innenstadt Hamburg mit Alsterschwänen und Restaurants Alster mit Blick auf Innenstadt Hamburg City, Rathaus Hamburg und St. Nikolai Kirche

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Information Alster Lake

The Alster Lake is in the heart of Hamburg and is divided into two areas: the Inner and Outer Alster. Strolling around the Alster Lake is not only popular with tourists but is also a well-loved activity by locals. The Outer Alster Lake is 164 hectares big.
All shores of the Alster are popular meeting places for tourists and locals alike. For those who find the walk around the Outer Alster a bit too long, you can choose a stroll around the smaller Inner Alster. The Inner Alster is surrounded by buildings from 3 sides and offers a beautiful view at sundown and at nights. The highlight of the Inner Alster is the 35-meter-tall fountain in the middle of the lake.