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BallinStadt Museum (Emigration Museum)

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At the BallinStadt Emigration Museum in Hamburg, you can experience up close how people left Europe via the Port of Hamburg more than 100 years ago, hoping for a better life. The BallinStadt was built in 1901 on the Elbe island Veddel and is named after its builder Albert Ballin, who was managing director of HAPAG shipping company at the beginning of the 20th century. On the original area are three faithfully reconstructed pavilions. Audiovisual installations, historical imagery and a variety of documents make it possible for you to relive the diverse life paths of the emigrants.

Opening hours BallinStadt Museum

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pM; last entrance 17:00pm

Admission fee BallinStadt Museum

 Adult: 13.00 €
Teen (14-17 years): 13.00 €
Child (5-13 years): 7.00 €

Free admission with the Hamburg City Pass.

Address BallinStadt Museum

Am Veddeler Bogen 2
20539 Hamburg
+49 40 31979160 

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Direction BallinStadt Museum

S3, S31 to Veddel-BallinStadt

Special conditions of use

Last entrance: 1 hour before closing.
Closed: 24 and 31 December
Special opening hours on: 25 and 26 December: 10 am – 4:30 pm, 1 January: 11 am – 4:30 pm 

Highlights  BallinStadt Museum

  • Audiovisual installations, historical imagery and a variety of documents
  • Always new and exciting exhibitions
  • Tour of the different emigration phases
  • Restaurant with garden and the BallinStadt Shop

Near BallinStadt Museum

The BallinStadt Emigration Museum is located near the Hamburg Harbour Museum. It’s only a few minutes to the central station by tram. Near Hamburg's main train station, there are many other attractions that can be visited free of charge with the Hamburg City Pass.

Information BallinStadt

Go on an exciting journey and experience the immigration history over four epochs at BallinStadt. In a total of 3 houses on 2,500 square meters you accompany people with all their desires and dreams that they had on their way to a new home. Get to know Albert Ballin, the founder of the former emigration halls in Hamburg, and follow the development of migration in megacities. 

Description of the houses: 

House 1 "Port of Dreams":
120 years ago Albert Ballin, patron of the museum, decides to create a sanctuary for millions of European immigrants before they went on a journey to a new world. The exhibition takes you into the fascinating and personal history of the man who has created a short home for many people - the haven of dreams - and shows you the historical significance of this place. 

House 2 "World in motion":
The big emigration exhibition takes you on a journey with many different stations. You experience the stages of emigration over the centuries. 

House 3 "Lifelines":
Biographies move people. Because they are stories of people. Touching stories. Let the lifelines touch you, track the evolution of migration into megacities, and experience an end of your journey that you did not expect beforehand.Up-to-date information about the exhibitions at the popular museum in Veddel can also be found on the website of the BallinStadt Emigration Museum at www.ballinstadt.de.

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