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Use Uber and save on your first 3 trips with your Hamburg City Pass

Use your Uber voucher with Turbopass With the City Pass Hamburg you get 5€ discount on the first 3 rides

Welcome to Uber! Uber is your reliable partner for comfortable and safe rides in Hamburg and many other cities worldwide. If you own a Hamburg City Pass, you're in luck! With this exclusive offer, you will receive a voucher that gives you 5€ off your first three rides with Uber in Hamburg. Explore Hamburg in the most convenient way and save at the same time. Enjoy your ride with Uber!

Benefit from the advantages of Uber with your Hamburg City Pass

Uber: Your Future of Mobility

The Uber app has revolutionized the way you navigate the city. Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, Uber started as an innovative idea to quickly and conveniently get you from point A to point B. Today, it has become a global movement available in hundreds of cities worldwide. 

The benefits of the Uber app are diverse. It allows you to book rides conveniently through your smartphone, eliminating the need to wait for a taxi or worry about parking. With just a few clicks, you can request a ride and track your driver's exact location. This means less waiting time and more time for you. 

Furthermore, Uber provides a safe and transparent way to pay for rides. You always know in advance how much your ride will cost, and you can pay cashlessly. Additionally, you have the option to rate your drivers to continuously improve the quality of the service. 

Overall, Uber is more than just an app. It is a means to make cities more accessible, reduce environmental impact, and offer you more freedom and flexibility in your daily travels. Give it a try and experience the future of mobility with Uber

Your exclusive Uber coupon code

For customers with a Turbopass City Pass in Hamburg, there's a special offer! You can enjoy a fantastic discount of 5 euros on each of your first three Uber taxi rides within Hamburg. That means with your Hamburg City Pass, we're giving you a total of 15 euros off your Uber rides in Hamburg. It's a great way to explore the city and save some money while doing so. Simply use your Turbopass City Pass to unlock this exclusive Uber promo and enhance your Hamburg journey even more. Safe travels!


Highlights of your Uber discount code

  • Hamburg City Pass Voucher: With the Hamburg City Pass, you receive an exclusive Uber discount code that offers savings on your rides in Hamburg.
  • Quick and Convenient Rides: The Uber app allows you to book a ride in Hamburg quickly and conveniently, without the need to wait for a taxi. Use the app to navigate the city easily and stress-free.
  • Precise Location Tracking: The app provides real-time tracking of your driver's exact location, so you know exactly when your ride will arrive and can prepare accordingly.
  • Cashless Payment and Transparency: With Uber, you can pay for your rides without cash, and the price is displayed to you before booking. This allows you to keep track of your expenses and pay securely.
  • These highlights of the Uber app, in conjunction with the Hamburg City Pass voucher, make it an excellent choice for your mobility in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.


Uber Taxi operating hours

In Hamburg, Uber Taxis are available for booking 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including at night.



Terms of use for Uber

  • Validity: Your Uber coupon code is valid for a total of 50 days.
  • Minimum Fare: There is no minimum amount you need to spend to apply the coupon.
  • Fare Rates: Uber's terms of use include information about fees and rates for various Uber services.This typically covers: 
  • Fare Calculation: The way the fare for an Uber ride is calculated often depends on factors like distance traveled and ride duration. The exact calculation may vary depending on the city or region.
  • Payment Terms: The terms of use specify the payment conditions for using Uber services. This may include accepted payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and in some regions, cash payments.
  • Code of Conduct: The terms of use also include codes of conduct for drivers and passengers. These often encompass requirements for politeness, cleanliness, and respect for drivers and fellow passengers.



Reservation for a Uber ride and your discount code

With the Hamburg City Pass, you will receive an email containing your Uber ride voucher. In this email, you will find your personal voucher code, which you can use for a total of three rides. Using this code, you will receive a 5 Euro discount on each of your next three rides, totaling 15 Euros in savings. It's simple: just enter the voucher code during your next booking through the app or on the website, and your ride can begin! 

If you don't have an Uber account yet, you can easily register here: Create an Uber account.


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