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Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

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Galion figure of the Rickmer Rickmers in Hamburg Rickmer Rickmers at night in the port of Hamburg Map room on the Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship Golden bell with inscription Rickmer Rickmers Three-nave museum ship Rickmer Rickmers close to the landing bridges in Hamburg Galion figure with galion boards at Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship Front view of the green museum ship Rickmer Rickmers in the port of Hamburg Logo Rickmer Rickmers - the floating landmark of the city Hamburg Museum ship Rickmer Rickmers at anchor in the port of Hamburg

The cargo ship Rickmer Rickmers is the floating landmark of Hamburg. The Rickmer Rickmers lies as a museum ship at the Landungsbrücken and shows the trade and life on board. Harbour and crossing times are described here and shown by various exhibits. Also visit the Crew and Officer Cabins! The Rickmer Rickmers also plays a frequent role in film and television as a setting.

Opening hours Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

Monday to Sunday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Admission fee Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

Adult: 7,00 €
Teenager (13-17 years): 7,00 €
Child (4-12 years): 5,00 €

Free with the Hamburg City Pass: No reservation required. 

Free admission to the Rickmer Rickmers museum ship and many other attractions with the Hamburg City Pass!

Ticket Rickmers Museum Ship

You will receive a free ticket.

Address Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

Landungsbrücken Ponton 1a
20359 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 3195959 

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Direction Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

U3 to Landungsbrücken
S1, S2, S3 to Landungsbrücken
Bus 111, 112, 608 to Landungsbrücken 

Special conditions of use Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

Closed: 24 December, 1 January

Highlights Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

  • From the cargo ship to the museum ship
  • Reports about the rough life as a sailor
  • Shows the differences between crew and officer 
  • Appointed official post office since 2006 

Near Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

The turbulent history of the Rickmer Rickmers, today's museum ship in Hamburg, began in 1896 when the former cargo ship, with a loading capacity of 3,000 tonnes, was built. 

In 1987, the cargo ship was remodeled to a museum ship and has since been at the Landungsbrücken, waiting to tell its story to interested visitors. The preserved crew and officer quarters provide an insight into what life on the ship must have been like. The crew's rooms are surprisingly simple, while the officers quarters are luxurious. 

The rides of today's museum ship can be admired in detailed and impressive documentations. Destinations were both Australia, as well as Indochina and South America, the USA and around the Cape Horn. 

Until the Rickmer Rickmers became a museum ship, it came a long way and experienced a lot. It was confiscated by the Portuguese in the First World War and loaned to Britain for the transport of war material. After the war, the Hamburg museum ship served as a training ship for the Portuguese Navy. 

During the time in Portugal, two new diesel engines were installed in the floating landmark of Hamburg. One of them can still be inspected today in the engine room. But the Rickmer Rickmers was not only powered by diesel engines, it also sailed with wind and had a steam engine, which is exhibited in the engine room as well. Since the conversion to the museum ship, the engine room has provided information on the individual drive types on board. 

In 2006, the museum ship at the Landungsbrücken became a real highlight for visitors to Hamburg. The former cargo ship was declared an official ship post office. Actually, only the crew and embarked visitors are allowed to post their mail at the post office, but interested guests can also enjoy this privilege. 

The Rickmer Rickmers was bought and restored in 1983 by the association "Windjammer für Hamburg". Then the museum ship was transferred to the specially-founded "Rickmer Rickmers Foundation". It receives no public subsidies and is financed and maintained solely by donations. 

If you want to see the Rickmer Rickmers from the water side, you can book a combination ticket for the harbor tour. A view from the other Elbe side is also worthwhile, for this you can cross the Elbe through the Old Elbe tunnel.

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