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Free: Speicherstadt Hamburg

Visit the Speicherstadt in Hamburg


The Speicherstadt Hamburg is not only one of the most popular photographic motifs in the city. With its historical buildings and the typical Hamburg canal, it offers the best conditions for a boat trip. Cross the narrow locks of the Speicherstadt Hamburg and experience many of Hamburg's important attractions in one trip. With the included local transport ticket of the Hamburg City Pass you can reach the Speicherstadt and many other top sights in Hamburg comfortably and free of charge. 

20457 Hamburg

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Directios Speicherstadt Hamburg

U3 to Baumwall
U1 to Meßberg
U4 to Überseequartier

Information Speicherstadt (Ware House District)

Hamburg’s Ware House District, located between Deichtorhallen and Baumwall, is over 100 years old and is the largest connected warehouse complex in the world. One normally doesn’t expect that there’s much to see when one thinks about a transshipment port—but that’s not the case with Hamburg’s Ware House District! Its brick gothic architecture, the small towers and the canals give the Ware House District a special flair. Especially at dusk, the buildings are enveloped in light, which gives them quite a mysterious glow. 800 lights also create a beautiful artwork and make the Ware House District a special place to visit at night! 

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