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10% Discount on culinary adventures with Eatwith with your Turbopass City Pass

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Eatwith is the door to a world of culinary discoveries and cultural experiences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of hosts from around the world who share their unique dishes and stories with you. Eatwith isn't just about food, it's about experiencing new cultures and making friends around the world. Discover the joy of sharing meals and experience unforgettable culinary adventures with Eatwith while enjoying an exclusive 10% discount with Turbopass.

Eatwith Adventures: Taste the Local Life

Local Meals, Memorable Moments

Think of the best food you've ever had. Now imagine that meal served with a side of stories and laughter. That's what Eatwith is all about. You get to hop into local kitchens and see what's cooking. From cherished family recipes to new twists on classic dishes, there's always something delicious on the menu. And the best part? With so many hosts to choose from, every dinner feels like a reunion with old friends.

Culinary Tours That Surprise

Some of the best food spots aren't in travel guides – they're in the hearts of locals. Eatwith tours are your golden ticket to these hidden gems. Stroll through bustling markets, grab a snack from that charming street vendor, or sip on a drink at a tucked-away cafe. With a buffet of tours to choose from, every outing feels like a mini adventure designed for your taste buds. 

Diverse Tastes, One Destination

Every city has its iconic dishes, but there's always more to discover. With Eatwith, you can savor both the classics and the secrets. Meet passionate chefs and home cooks who can't wait to share their culinary wonders with you. From spicy to savory, sweet to tangy – there's a world of flavors to explore. And the variety of experiences? It’s like a food festival that never ends! 

Learn, Cook, Enjoy

Eating is fun, but cooking? That's a whole other level of adventure! Roll up your sleeves and join Eatwith's hands-on cooking classes. From mastering the basics to trying out gourmet recipes, you'll learn it all. And here's a bonus: every time you cook that dish back home, you'll be instantly teleported to your travels. 

More for Less with Turbopass

Good food, great memories, and savings? That’s the dream! With Turbopass, you can save some cash while diving into delicious experiences. Get a cool 10% off on all those tasty Eatwith encounters. So whether you're in the mood for a lavish dinner or a cozy cooking session, your budget stays happy, and your belly stays full. 


Highlights of Your Eatwith Adventure

  • Personalized Culinary Choices: Craft your own gastronomic journey by selecting from a vast array of authentic dining experiences, tours, and classes tailored to your tastes.
  • Local Connections: Beyond the flavors, bond with passionate chefs, home cooks, and fellow food enthusiasts, forging memories and friendships that go beyond the table.
  • Gourmet Exploration: Unearth hidden gems, from lesser-known local delicacies to gourmet dishes, offering a fresh perspective on every destination's culinary scene.
  • Hands-On Experiences: Go beyond tasting; immerse yourself in the art of cooking and food preparation, taking home skills that last long after your travels.
  • Budget-Friendly Indulgence: With the Turbopass advantage, indulge in rich culinary experiences without stretching your travel budget, ensuring every bite is both delightful and affordable. 


Reservations & Discount Redemption

Embarking on your culinary adventure with Eatwith is seamless. To guarantee your place and avail of the exclusive 10% discount, simply adhere to the guidelines outlined in your Turbopass City Pass. Within, you'll find direct booking links for a hassle-free reservation process, accompanied by your distinct promo code. Ensure you input this code during the booking to instantly redeem your discount. Enjoy your gastronomic journey with both convenience and savings! 



Restrictions to Consider for Your Eatwith Adventure

  • Age Restrictions: Certain experiences, especially those involving alcohol consumption or that require physical exertion like extensive walking tours, might have age restrictions.
  • Dietary and Allergy Concerns: Always inform your host or guide about dietary restrictions or allergies well in advance, ensuring they can make necessary accommodations.
  • Mobility Considerations: If you have mobility challenges or use mobility aids like wheelchairs, check in advance about the accessibility of the chosen experience.
  • Group Size Parameters: Some experiences may set a minimum or maximum group size to maintain the intimacy or viability of the event. Ensure you're aware of such conditions when booking.
  • Booking & Cancellation Guidelines: Different hosts or experiences might have distinct booking and cancellation policies. Familiarize yourself with these terms to avoid unforeseen hitches.
  • Turbopass Discount Clauses: While Turbopass offers a 10% discount, it might be subject to certain conditions or applicable to specific experiences. Confirm the applicability of your discount for your chosen experience.Always ensure that you check the specific details or terms of service provided by Eatwith or the individual host to understand any additional conditions or restrictions related to a particular experience. 


Eatwith offers more than meals; it offers experiences, stories, and connections. Paired with Turbopass, it ensures that your travels are both flavorful and budget-friendly. So, as you pack your bags for your next trip, make sure to pack an appetite for authentic culinary adventures with Eatwith. 



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