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At almost every corner, you will most likely find an attraction, church, monastery, or castle that is worth visiting. 

For people who would rather sightsee without crowds, you can travel to Muntayesd’Artà (which is located in the “middle of nowhere”), which is home to a beautiful pilgrimage site that you can visit. The church is abandoned, but it is because of this fact that the church has such a unique and special atmosphere. 

You shouldn’t miss visting the Ermita de Sant Salvador either! This fortress-like church was established in the 14th century on the tallest mountain of the southern Serres de Llevant, and its impressive Madonna statue was adored by visitors since the 15th century. A definite “must see” here is the 7-meter tall figure of Christ at the end of the mountain range. 

Being a somewhat curious place, the Nova de Biniamar is a church with no roof! This church is part of a small area called Biniamar and residents of this area also do not use roofs. Here you will find wedding ceremonies taking place, festivals being celebrated, and concerts being given. A football field and basketball court can also be found in the inner area of the town. Due to different reasons, only the side walls of the buildings were built. The first person who started the construction of the church, a politician, lost the power to do so, and the pastor who took over the project died before the construction of the church finished. For this reason, the church was never completed.  

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