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Food, Tradition & Souvenirs

Traditional Dances: all traditional dances are done in Mallorca such as the Bolero, the Jota, the Copeo, and the Mateixes. 

Windmills have a long tradition in Mallorca and is considered to be the landmark of the island because they served as an important part of the Mallorcan agricultural society—and to this day, these windmills still characterize the landscapes of Mallorca. 

 Wonderful souvenirs can also be purchased in Mallorca that can serve as a reminder of your fantastic vacation or as a gift to loved ones at home. A few tips about souvenirs in Mallorca: Mallorcan ceramic, art, commodities made from olive tree wood, Mallorcan pearls/artificially pearls made from glass, Mallorcan glass, genuine linen fabrics, hand-weaved baskets, pictures, photographs, and even delicious Mallorcan specialties can be brought back home 

The Mallorcan gastronomy is highly related to the history of the island. The cuisine has been influenced by the Roman, Hebrew, Muslim, and the Catalan cultures, as well by Anglo-Saxon Germans and Asia.
The main dishes of the Mallorcan cuisine is deeply rooted in the folk culture of the island. Vegetables is one ingredient that is always present in every local dish. 

Pa amboli - bread with oil, tomatoes, salt, sausage, and cheese
Sopes mallorquines– bread and vegetable soup Tumbet – fried eggplant, potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes
Frito Mallorquín – vegetables and offal or seafood (offal can be left out on request)
Mallorcan Sobrassada – made from pork ground meat, herbs, and red pepper.
Caldereta – crayfish (crayfish stew)
Ensaïmada – sweet dumplings with or without filling 

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