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Art and history merge at the Pignatelli Cortes Museum in Naples: a treasure on the Gulf of Naples

The Pignatelli Cortes Museum is located in the middle of the lively avenues of Naples, a few minutes walk from Villa Comunale, and transports visitors to an era of noble elegance, surrounded by a great ensemble of artistic masterpieces, each of which tells its own unique story. 

Pignatelli Cortes Museums: Memories of the aristocracy amid timeless art

Mansion of Magnificence

Even the building that houses the museum, Villa Pignatelli, is a tribute to the Neapolitan aristocracy of the 19th century. Built for the Acton family and later owned by the Pignatelli family, the villa reflects the opulent tastes of the city's aristocratic elite. Its neoclassical design, extensive gardens and sumptuous interiors convey a vivid image of a bygone era of grand balls, courtly affairs and lavish feasts.

Diverse collections

The museums are renowned for their diverse collections, acquired over the centuries by the Pignatelli family. From ancient Greco-Roman sculptures reflecting the rich history of the Mediterranean to paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, the museums have a wide range of exhibits. Not to be missed are the porcelain objects, the decorative arts and the intricate tapestries with stories woven into their fabric.

Coach Museum

A unique facet of the Pignatelli Cortes Museums is the Carriage Museum, an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to antique carriages. Here you can trace the evolution of transport, from the magnificent horse-drawn carriages that once roamed the streets of Naples to the early motor vehicles. It is a journey through the history of mobility, craftsmanship and the social status symbol of times gone by.

Gardens and Greens

Complementing the opulence inside are the lush gardens surrounding the villa. These meticulously maintained grounds, dotted with classical statues and tranquil fountains, offer a serene respite from urban life. Amidst the green, visitors often encounter peacocks and other birds, adding to the estate's regal ambience.

Modern Annexes and Exhibitions

While deeply rooted in history, the museums have not remained frozen in time. Regular modern art exhibitions and cultural events ensure that they continue to be a vibrant hub of Naples' contemporary art scene, making it a dynamic bridge between the past and the present.


Highlights of Pignatelli Cortes Museum

  • The Ballroom: With its glistening chandeliers and exquisite frescoes, this room offers a glimpse into the lavish parties and gatherings of Naples' aristocratic society.
  • Classical Sculpture Gallery: A cornucopia of marble wonders, this gallery boasts pieces from various epochs, showcasing the artistic evolution of the region.
  • Porcelain Room: Delicate pieces from renowned European manufactures tell tales of trade, artistry, and aristocratic tastes over centuries.
  • The Library: A haven for scholars and enthusiasts, it's stocked with rare manuscripts, books, and documents tracing Naples' cultural and noble histories.
  • Rotating Exhibitions: Contemporary art pieces, photography, and sculptures find a home here, echoing the museum's commitment to bridging epochs. 


Opening hours of Pignatelli Cortes Museums (Museo Pignatelli Cortes)

Daily: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm 

Closed: Tuesdays 

The last admission is always one hour before closing time. The ticket office also closes one hour before closing time.


Reservations for Pignatelli Cortes Museums (Museo Pignatelli Cortes)

   No reservation needed. 


Restrictions for Pignatelli Cortes Museums (Museo Pignatelli Cortes)

  • Accessibility: The Pignatelli Cortes Museums can be accessed by wheelchair. 
  • Food and Drinks: Food and drinks are not allowed in the Pignatelli Cortes Museums. 



How to get to Pignatelli Cortes Museums (Museo Pignatelli Cortes)

The Pignatelli Cortes Museums can best be reached by bus and metro.

Bus: ANM R3 stop on Riviera di ChiaiaAMN R7 stop on Riviera di ChiaiaCTP M1NB stop on Riviera di Chiaia Metro: L2 exit at Piazza Amedeo stop 


Address of Pignatelli Cortes Museums (Museo Pignatelli Cortes)

Riviera di Chiaia, 200, 80121 Napoli (NA) 

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The Pignatelli Cortes Museums are more than just repositories of art or symbols of nobility. They are portals to eras gone by, where the elegance of aristocracy meets the dynamism of art. A visit here is a rendezvous with Naples' layered history, its rich cultural tapestry, and its eternal spirit of rejuvenation. As you meander through the ornate rooms or the tranquil gardens, you're not just a visitor; you're an integral part of a timeless narrative, forever etched in the heart of Naples. 

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