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Visit the Château de Champs-sur-Marne with the Paris City Pass

Exterior view of the Chateau de Champs sur Marne in Paris


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  • Leisure residence on the Marne river
  • Presidential residence from 1959 - 1974
  • Exceptional pieces of furniture and unique gardens with 85 hectares of parkland
  • Garden landscape also served as inspiration for films  

Experience the splendour of the 18th century at the Château de Champs-sur-Marne

What awaits you on site

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The Château de Champs-sur-Marne, a majestic 18th-century residence, is picturesquely situated in a large park on the banks of the Marne, just a short drive from Paris. This magnificent château is an outstanding example of French rococo architecture and lifestyle.The Château de Champs-sur-Marne was built in the early 18th century for the tax official Paul Poisson de Bourvallais and served as an elegant country residence that was frequently visited by members of the French aristocracy and cultural elite, including Diderot, d'Alembert and Voltaire. The symmetrical façade, the magnificent gardens and the opulent interiors bear witness to a life of luxury and refined taste.Later, the Marquise de Pompadour, the powerful mistress of King Louis XV, acquired the palace and had it further embellished and remodelled under her direction.

Today, visitors can stroll through the magnificent salons, the richly decorated bedchambers and the ornate gardens, which have been awarded the title ‘Unique Gardens of France’. The unmistakable landscape served as inspiration for films for many years. The garden has been featured in over 80 short and feature films.    

Where do I have to go?

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31 Rue de Paris 77420 Champs-sur-Marne 

Good to know

  • Opening hours
    June to September: Wednesday to Monday 10.00 am - 12.15 am and 1.30 pm - 6.00 pm
    October to May:  Wednesday to Monday 10.00 am - 12.15 pm and 1.30 pm - 5.00 pm 
  • The Château de Champs-sur-Marne is located in the Seine-et-Marne department, 30 kilometres east of Paris 

Visit the Château de Champs-sur-Marne with your Paris City Pass


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