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Your ticket to visit the Louvre for FREE—save 17,00 € for admission fees using the Paris City Pass.

The Louvre in Paris at daylight with the pyramid in the foreground The Louvre in Paris at night with the pyramid in the foreground The Louvre in Paris with many tourists and the world famous pyramid

The Louvre in Paris is the third largest museum in the world with 60,000 m² of floor space. Originally, the Louvre Paris was a French royal palace. It accommodates an extensive collection, approximately 380,000 works, of western art. Get an overview of art from the Middle Ages to 1848 in the Louvre in Paris. With the Paris City Pass you already have the ticket for the Louvre and many other attractions and sights of Paris as an All Inclusive Pass in your pocket.

Note: A new inlet system has been developed for museum pass holders. In order to grant a guaranteed visit to the Louvre, guests with a museum pass are required to order a time slot online. At least 24 hours before the visit. (See below special terms and conditioons)

Opening Hours of the Louvre in Paris

Wednesday to Monday: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM 
Tuesday: Closed 


Admission Fees for the Louvre in Paris

The Paris City Pass is your admission ticket into the Musée du Louvre. Enjoy preferred access into the most famous museum in Paris.
Please note that safety precautions have been intensified in general and therefore there might also be delays at the Louvre security checks. These security checks cannot be avoided with the Paris City Pass, even if it includes “skip the line entry”. Bags, backpacks, coats and jackets may also be checked.

With your Paris City Pass, you won’t need to worry about these discount fluctuations or deciding which admission price is valid for you or for your travel partner(s), because the Paris City Pass is all that you need to visit the Louvre. The Pass allows you to freely enter the Louvre without any further cost. Skip the line and save precious time and money during your visit in Paris.

Tickets to the Louvre Paris

Tickets to the Musée du Louvre in Paris are well sought out for, and the waiting lines in front of the ticket counter are (understandably) also endlessly long. The lines at the Louvre are especially long during the summer months because many tourists plan to be in the French capital during their city tours, and when in Paris, one must visit the Louvre! In order to get tickets to the Louvre, you either have to wait in an endless waiting line in front of the ticket counter, or (better yet) you can do a little planning before your arrival in Paris and purchase an all-round city tour package—the ! The Pass includes entry into top attractions, museums, and sights in Paris—which also includes the Musée du Louvre. Furthermore, with the purchase of the Paris City Pass, you will also receive a ticket to use the public transportation system in Paris. Therefore, you will have both your ticket for the metro and for buses, as well as your admissions ticket to all the museums and Must-See destinations in Paris already in your pocket.The Paris City Pass is your perfect Paris tourist ticket.

Tickets for the Musée du Louvre in Paris are in great demand and the queues at the ticket counters of the museum are even bigger. Especially during the summer months, many tourists plan their city trips to the French capital and of course, the Louvre Paris, as the top attraction in Paris, is immediately on the list of Parisian museums to visit. To get tickets for the Louvre Paris, you either have to wait a long time or you get the complete package before you leave. The Paris City Pass covers the top attractions, museums and sights in Paris, including the Musée du Louvre. 

Address of the Louvre in Paris

Louvre Paris
Rue de Rivoli 93
75001 Paris 

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to see on google maps

The Louvre in Paris is located in the center of Paris, near the Rue de Rivoli. The Louvre, which is the official name of the building, is located at the same address as the Musée du Louvre. The inner courtyard is located behind Rue de Rivoli 93, which stretches from the glass pyramid entrance to the Grande Arche in La Défense on the historic Axis. Reach the Louvre in Paris fast and easily using the Paris City Pass. The Pass doesn’t just serve as your admissions ticket into the top attractions and sights of Paris, but it is also your ticket for Paris public transportation system. With the help of the Paris City Pass By metro (and also buses), you will arrive at your destination quickly and easy-

Directions to the Louvre in Paris

Metro 1 or 7 to Musée du Louvre
RER C to Musée d’Orsay 

The journey to the Louvre Paris is very easy due to the central address in Paris. Our tip: In a big city like Paris it is worth leaving your car at the hotel and using public transport. Many of the top addresses in terms of museums, attractions and places of interest are located in central Paris and are not far from each other. The distances to the various destinations in Paris by car are probably longer, as traffic jams in Parisian traffic can be expected. Save your nerves and switch to the complete Paris City Pass package for a relaxed journey. With your Paris City Pass you not only get free admission to attractions such as the Louvre in Paris: you also travel on Paris public transport at no extra cost. Avoid traffic jams and stress on the way to the Louvre and purchase the Paris City Pass right away.

Special Terms of Use

The following admission system applies to all Museum Pass holders: 

In order to grant a guaranteed visit to the Louvre, guests with a museum pass are required to order a time slot online at least 24 hours before the visit. 

1. Prior to their visit of the Louvre Museum: Paris Museum Pass Holders need to connect to the following website and make a booking (for free) for a specific visit date/entry time, by entering their surname, name and the serial number indicated on their Pass . https://www.ticketlouvre.fr/louvre/b2c/index.cfm/pmpevent/eventCode/PMP 

2. On the date of the visit: All Paris Museum Pass holders must present their Paris Museum Pass, along with a document that confirms their reservation of the Louvre Museum. 

You will find the entry to the museum via the Glass Pyramid. Admission to the museum is via the glass pyramid.Even with a pass, you may not be granted admission sometimes if there are too many visitors. This will lead to waiting times for you or you will be asked to come back on another day or time. Unfortunately, we do not have any influence on the capacities and the opening hours as well as the admission restrictions on site.Tip to avoid queuing at the security checkpoint: Use the underground entrance of the Carrousel Gallery, located at 99 rue de Rivoli. Preferential access is not guaranteed during peak periods or at security checkpoints. It is therefore advisable to visit the museum between 9 am and 10 am.

Highlights of the Louvre in Paris

  • Original Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci 
  • The third largest museum in the world at 60,000 m2 
  • 380,000 western art pieces
  • Art from the Middle Ages to 1848 

Attractions Near the Louvre in Paris

There are many other top-attractions near the Louvre in Paris like the Centre Pompidou, the Musée Picasso, and the Musée d’Orsay. With the Paris City Pass, you can arrive at your destination fast and easily. The Paris City Pass not only allows you free access into the Louvre, but it is also your ticket to using the public transportation system in Paris. 

Entrance of the Louvre in Paris

The Musée du Louvre in Paris doesn’t only offer one entrance into the museum. Visitors can also use the entrance that can be found in the shopping gallery, Galerie du Carrousel. Another entrance, which is also the most famous and most common entrance known to all, is the Louvre Pyramid. However, this entrance also has the longest waiting lines. The last “used-mostly-by-tourists entrance” that can be used, is the Porte Des Lions. All three entrances are officially owned by the museum and guarantees uncomplicated entrance into the Louvre. However, the Louvre in Paris also offers underground entrances into the museum: in the -2 floor of Richelieu, the Denon entrance, and the Sully entrance. Entering the Louvre via these underground entrances is truly an insider tip. Your Paris City Pass offers you preferred access into the Louvre and allows you to skip the waiting line. With this Pass, you have the ticket to all the museums in Paris—including the Louvre—and with it, you can pass the tourist masses and begin your visit to the Louvre. Save time, money, and nerves with the Paris City Pass.

Exhibitions in the Louvre in Paris

Jean-Luc Martinez, a classical archaeologist and art historian, has been the museum’s director since April 15, 2013, and has been responsible for all the exhibitions found in the Louvre in Paris. The previous director who was responsible for all exhibitions was Henri Loyette. Exhibitions centering on paintings, sculptures, art pieces, and graphics are showcased in the Louvre. The museum also offers antiques from ancient cultures such as Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman cultures. One can also find art pieces from Islam, Africa, Asia, Oceana, and North & South America here. Therefore, the Musée du Louvre offers more than just its most famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. In 2012, the Louvre in Paris was the most visited museum in the world—about 10,000,000 visitors in total! The Paris City Pass includes your admissions ticket into the Musée du Louvre and allows you preferred access. Access into many interesting exhibitions in the Louvre is also included in your Paris City Pass—all at no extra cost to you.

Architecture of the Louvre in Paris

The architecture of the Louvre in Paris is unique and famous all over the world. The pyramid of the Musée du Louvre in Paris alone has a particularly high quality and, for the circumstances of Parisian museums, an atypical minimalist architecture. With its architectural glass façade, the complex is particularly striking in the midst of otherwise so detailed and historic buildings. The pyramid of the Musée du Louvre in Paris consists of 603 diamond-shaped and about 70 glass elements in triangular form. The architecture of the Louvre in Paris was kept minimalist in detail, but the building itself is of considerable size: The pyramid of the Louvre in Paris is almost 22 meters high and about 36 meters wide. With a glass slope of 51 degrees and a weight of almost 180 tons, the pyramid is highly visible and is considered a masterpiece of architecture. Marvel at the architecture, the works and the history of the Louvre Paris with the Paris City Pass. With the Paris City Pass, you will receive your complete package before you arrive and have all your tickets and admission tickets in your pocket in a single Paris tourist ticket. The Paris City Pass gives you free and priority admission to the Louvre. Save time and money and discover the Louvre in Paris, the world famous museum with the most popular works of art..

Visit the Louvre in Paris (Musée du Louvre in Paris) for FREE using the Paris City Pass and have your admission tickets already in your pocket before you even arrive in Paris!

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