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Side view of the Pantheon in paris Front view from the Pantheon in paris

Soufflot's magnificent religious building was built to fulfill the wish of Louis XV to honor the monarchy with a church. The church was dedicated to St. - Genevieve, the holy patron of Paris. The monument was desecrated during the Revolution in 1791 and was designated as the National Panthéon.
In the turbulent 19th century, the century of changing governments, the Panthéon was used both as a church and as a patriotic lay temple. Since 1885, the day Victor Hugo was buried here, the monument became the final resting place of the most famous people of France. This cult monument has some of the most beautiful and incredibly well-preserved architecture, painted decorations and interior sculptures.

Openinghours Panthéon

Oktober-March: daily 10am-6pm
April-June: daily 10am-6:30pm

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The ticket is free.

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Address Panthéon

Place du Panthéon
75005 Paris

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