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Experience the area of Kerameikos and its archeological site and save € 8 entry with the Athen City Pass.

Cemetery of Kerameikos in Athens Kerameikos - ancient neighbourhood and pottery site Kerameikos view from the Pompeion out of town

Kerameikos is a neighborhood in Athens which became famous due to its archeological site. The site consists of the cemetery and the potters’ quarter. It is one of the last ancient burial sites in Athens and its serene atmosphere makes it worth visiting. 

Opening hours Kerameikos

Daily: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 10am-5pm

The archeological site and the museum of Kerameikos are open daily in the summer and the winter season. It is one of the most interesting archeological sites in Athens and tourists should not miss the chance to visit it. Wander around the open air site and then head to the museum where you can admire the archeological findings from the area. 

Admission fee Kerameikos

The tariff Child / Teen 6-17 years from EU member-states have generally free admission. A free ticket is available at the cash desks. Please note that there may be queues. Please show ID.
The tariff Child / Teen 6-17 years from non-EU member-states: 30 € already charged, Acropolis Combined Ticket is included in your Athens City Pass (attached in e-mail).

Ticket Kerameikos

By ordering the Athens City Pass all-inclusive, you have free access to Kerameikos. You will receive your ticket enclosed in the Athens City Pass package via E-mail.

Address of Kerameikos

Ermou 148
Athens 10553

+30 210 3463552 

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Kerameikos is located in a central area of the city between Thisseio and the modern neighborhood of Kerameikos which the locals call Gazi. Gazi is one of the most attractive locations in Athens for an evening in the city with numerous restaurants and bars. 

Directions Kerameikos

Metro line 1 to Thisseio
Metro line 3 to Kerameikos
Trolley line 21 to Gazi
Bus line 049 to Gazi 

The site of Kerameikos stands between two metro stations making it easily accessible. If you are using line 1 get off at Thisseio. The site lies next to the station. The Kerameikos station is adjacent to the Technoplis of Gazi cultural centre, opposite the archeological site. Use the main exit of the station and walk parallel to Technopolis’ fence until you reach Pireos street. After you cross it you will see the site. The walk from the metro station to Kerameikos is ca. 10 minutes.   

Highlights of Kerameikos

  • Important cemetery of ancient Athens
  • Main pottery production centre during Antiquity
  • Important findings from the area are exhibited in the museum
  • Free with the Athens City Pass

Special conditions of use:

You can profit from free and priority entrance to Kerameikos with the Athens City Pass all-inclusive. 

The site is closed on the following days: Jan. 1st, Mar. 25th, May 1st, Easter Sunday (Greek Easter), Dec. 25th/26th. 

Special opening times: Jan. 6th 07:30AM–07:30PM, Shrove Monday 07:30AM–07:30PM, Good Friday (Greek Easter) 12:00PM–03:00PM, Oct. 28th 07:30AM–07:30PM. 

Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time. 

Nearby Kerameikos

The archeological site is close to the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library. Due to the proximity of the sights a visit to all of them is particularly agreeable.
Kerameikos is situated opposite of the hip area of Gazi. Gazi is an ideal destination to spend your evening after sightseeing thanks to its numerous bars and restaurants. 

Description of Kerameikos

In ancient times Kerameikos was divided to inner and outer. Inner Kerameikos was the place where the potters and their families lived. It was directly connected to the Ancient Agora. Outer Kerameikos was outside the city walls. It covered the area of the cemetery and the public graveyard. The cemetery was in constant use from Antiquity until the 6th century AD. Visitors can see parts of the Long Walls of Athens and Dipylon, the main gate to the city of ancient Athens. The museum hosts the findings from the excavations of Kerameikos. Most of them come from the necropolis and have a funerary character. Two of the most famous exhibits are the Dipylon Vase and the Stele of Hegeso. 

The Athens City Pass all-inclusive entitles you to free access to Kerameikos with priority entrance. Simply, buy it online. 

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