Discover the AYA Universe: An innovative art and technology experience in Dubai

People walking in a mesmerizing purple-lit garden with hanging lights, surrounded by luminous flora. Modern entrance with sculpted, organic-shaped openings in a minimalist white wall, revealing colorful interior. People standing around a glowing, colorful vortex in a dark room with vibrant, swirling wall projections. Visitors walk through a futuristic exhibit with glowing, swirling pathways and dynamic light patterns.


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  • Fusion of art and technology: Experience a world where art and technology merge to create breathtaking areas
  • Twelve interactive themed areas: Explore 12 unique areas such as Celestia and Tides, each with its own adventure.
  • Interactive avatars and a transformative journey: Interactive avatars allow you to unlock new characters and customise your journey through the AYA universe.
  • Spectacular light and sound show: Immerse yourself in "Harmonia" with synchronised lights, music and special effects.
  • Spacious amusement park: Explore a 40,000 square metre park with gardens in "Flora" and dynamic elements such as bridges, storms and pools on "The River". 

AYA Universe Dubai: art, technology and innovation combined

 What awaits you on site 

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AYA Universe in Dubai is a unique attraction that draws visitors with a fascinating mix of entertainment, art and technology. The project was conceived as a "multimedia masterpiece city" and covers an area of over 2 million square metres.

Visitors to AYA Universe can expect a variety of experiences characterised by innovative technology and artistic creativity. The main attractions include an impressive collection of interactive art installations and digital artworks involving both local and international artists. These artworks are often complemented by cutting-edge technology, including augmented reality (AR) and immersive projections that transport visitors to another world.

One highlight is the Digital Art Centre, which serves as a platform for digital artists and regularly presents new exhibitions and events. For technology enthusiasts, the AYA Universe also offers insights into ground-breaking technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Workshops and interactive demonstrations give visitors the opportunity to experience and better understand these technologies first-hand. 

Why is it worth visiting the AYA Universe? This attraction combines art, technology and entertainment in a unique way and offers an experience that is fascinating for families as well as those interested in technology and art.  

Where do I have to go?

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AYA Universe Wafi City - Oud Metha - Dubai  

Good to know

  • Opening hours:
    Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 am - midnight
  • Accessibility: Although AYA Universe endeavours to be accessible to all visitors, some areas may not be fully accessible to people with mobility impairments.
  • Age: Some rides and attractions may have age restrictions.  

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