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Nemo WaterSports Dubai discount voucher: Dive into unforgettable water experiences!

Jet skier in front of the Burj Al Arab

    Unleash your spirit of adventure with our 100 AED discount voucher for Nemo WaterSports Dubai. Jetski, parasail, flyboard and more - this is your ticket to unforgettable water experiences!Looking to add some excitement to your Dubai trip? Get ready to make a splash with our 100 AED (25 Euro) discount voucher for Nemo WaterSports! From the adrenaline rush of jet skiing and parasailing, the thrill of wakeboarding, the joy of tubing to the unique experience of flyboarding and speedboat riding, we've got an array of water activities designed to satisfy your thirst for adventure. This unique voucher, brought to you by Turbopass, is your all-access pass to unforgettable experiences at sea.

    Embark on a Breathtaking Water Adventure with a 100 AED Discount Voucher for Nemo WaterSports Dubai

    Jet Skiing

    Dive into an exhilarating rush with high-powered jet skis. These state-of-the-art machines are built for speed, comfort, and manoeuvrability, offering an adventure like no other. Feel the power beneath you as you skim the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, with the Dubai skyline, a blend of traditional and modern architectural wonders, serving as your awe-inspiring backdrop. Expert guides will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and instructions, making it an ideal choice even for first-timers. Break free from the ordinary, feel the sun on your skin, and the wind in your hair, as you create unforgettable memories in Dubai's captivating seascape.


    Experience the sublime tranquillity of flying high above the ocean with the parasailing adventure. Strapped safely into a harness and tethered to a high-speed boat, you'll gradually rise into the air, feeling the exhilaration of flight and the freedom it brings. As you soar high, you're treated to a panoramic view of Dubai's stunning coastline, sparkling beaches, and iconic landmarks, including the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. It's a breathtaking and tranquil flight, an unforgettable experience that lets you see Dubai from a new and captivating perspective.


    If you're craving a unique, gravity-defying experience, flyboarding is a must-try. This innovative water sport lets you soar above the water and dive like a dolphin, propelled by powerful jets of water. After a quick training session with certified instructors, you'll be strapped into a flyboard that sends you skywards, spinning and flipping, if you dare. It's an out-of-this-world experience that blends the thrill of flying with water sports, providing an adrenaline-fueled rush that'll leave you eager for more. Experience the thrill of hovering over the water and enjoy the unmatched feeling of weightlessness with flyboarding.

    Wakeboarding and Tubing

    Embrace the thrill of wakeboarding, a sport that merges the excitement of surfing, skiing, and skateboarding. After a brief introduction and safety instructions, you'll be up and skimming across the water, with the opportunity to perform gravity-defying stunts under the watchful eyes of experts. For those seeking a more relaxed adventure, tubing is offered. Hop on a large inflatable tube, hold on tight, and let the speedboat do the rest. You'll be whisked away across the waters, bouncing over the waves in a fun, exhilarating ride that's perfect for all ages. Both these activities offer a blend of excitement and fun, making them a must-try during your Dubai visit.

    Speedboat Riding

    Your adventure at Nemo WaterSports won't be complete without experiencing the thrilling speedboat ride. Take the helm and navigate the waves at exhilarating speeds under the guidance of experienced skippers. Feel the rush of the wind, the cooling sea spray, and the pulse of the engine beneath you as you traverse the vibrant blue waters. Whether you're seeking a serene cruise along the coastline, viewing Dubai's architectural marvels, or an adrenaline-fueled ride over the waves, the speedboat experience is customizable to suit your preferences.

    With the 100 AED discount voucher, you're unlocking a world of unforgettable water experiences at Nemo WaterSports. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking the thrill of speed and heights or a casual vacationer looking for a unique way to explore Dubai's stunning seascape, there's the perfect adventure waiting for you.


    Highlight of the Nemo WaterSports Activities

    • Value for Money: With a value of 100 AED (25 Euro), the discount voucher significantly reduces the cost of experiencing world-class water sports activities, making it an affordable way to dive into the thrill of the sea. 
    • Access to a Variety of Activities: The voucher can be used for any of Nemo WaterSports’ activities, providing a diverse range of options such as jet skiing, parasailing, flyboarding, wakeboarding, tubing, and speedboat riding. This flexibility allows adventurers to try different experiences, suiting both adrenaline junkies and those seeking a more relaxed experience. 
    • Experience Dubai Like Never Before: With Nemo WaterSports located in Dubai, the city of marvels, the activities provide not just adrenaline rush but also spectacular views of the city's skyline, beautiful coastline, and iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. 
    • Great for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a beginner, the voucher allows you to participate in activities suited to all skill levels. Comprehensive safety briefings and instructions are provided, ensuring a fun and safe experience. 
    • Unforgettable Memories: The discount voucher is more than just a ticket to a water sport activity, it's a gateway to creating unforgettable memories. Whether you're flying high while parasailing, gliding over water on a wakeboard, or captaining your own speedboat, these experiences are bound to make your Dubai visit even more memorable. 


    Opening Hours of Nemo WaterSports

    Nemo WaterSports in Dubai welcomes water adventure enthusiasts daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Whether you're an early bird wanting to kick start your day with a rush of adrenaline, or prefer to soak up the sun in the afternoon, our doors are open for you.


    Reservations for Nemo WaterSports

    Booking your water adventure with Nemo WaterSports Dubai is simple and straightforward. 

    Start by following the booking instructions provided in your Turbopass. During the booking process, you'll be asked to provide your Turbopass Ticket Code – this is key to ensuring your discount is applied correctly. Once you've entered your Turbopass Ticket Code, your discount will be automatically applied to your reservation. Following this, you'll be directed to a secure payment gateway, where you can finalize your booking and secure your activity.


    Restrictions for your visit to Nemo WaterSports

    • Age Limitations: Some activities may require participants to be of a certain age, or minors may need to be accompanied by an adult. 
    • Weight Restrictions: Certain water sports may have weight restrictions for safety reasons. 
    • Health and Physical Conditions: Participants should typically be in good health. Certain medical conditions (e.g., heart conditions, epilepsy, or pregnancy) might restrict participation in some activities. 
    • Skill and Certifications: For certain activities, prior experience or certifications might be required. However, this is less common for general recreational water sports. 
    • Swimming Ability: For safety, participants might need to demonstrate basic swimming ability. 
    • Weather Conditions: Activities might be subject to cancellation or rescheduling due to bad weather.

      We recommend contacting Nemo WaterSports directly or visiting their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their restrictions and safety guidelines. 


    How to get to Nemo WaterSports by Public Transport

    Here are a few ways you can reach Nemo Watersports Marina at Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour marina, located next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel: 

     • By Metro: The nearest metro station is Mall of the Emirates. After getting off the metro, you can catch a taxi or a bus to reach Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour marina. The journey typically takes around 10-15 minutes by car. 

     • By Bus: From Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, you can take the bus number 81 towards Jumeira, Royal Meridian. Get off at Wild Wadi, Jumeirah Road, which is about 10 minutes' walk to the Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour marina. 

     • By Taxi: Taxis are widely available throughout Dubai. You can take a taxi directly to Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour marina. It's a recognizable location next to the famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel. 

     • By Foot: If you're already in the vicinity, say, staying at Jumeirah Beach Hotel or any nearby hotel, reaching Nemo Watersports by foot could be a pleasant walk depending on the weather. Be sure to follow local pedestrian pathways and crosswalks for safety. 



    Address of the Nemo WaterSports

    Fishing Harbour - Jumeirah St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 2 - Dubai - UAE

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