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Emirati Cooking Class: Explore the Culinary World of Emirati Cuisine!

Emirati Cooking Class


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  • Traditional Emirati breakfast dishes: In this course, you will learn about the world of Emirati breakfast cuisine. You will be taught how to prepare classic dishes such as shakshuka, balaleet, luqaimat and khubz tannour.
  • Dubai's culinary history: The cookery course takes you on a historical journey that highlights the influences that have shaped Dubai's unique culinary culture
  • Al Khayma Heritage House: Experience the architectural diversity of Al Khayma Heritage House and learn more about the significance and historical background of this unique traditional building.
  • Experienced chefs: Learn from the best on this culinary adventure. Experienced chefs will give you personal tips, tricks and insights so that you can recreate the flavours of authentic Emirati cuisine at home.
  • Holistic immersion in Emirati culture: This is not just a cookery course, but a cultural journey that captures the Emirati lifestyle in all its diversity. From visiting local markets for ingredients to learning local food etiquette, the course offers a complete picture of Emirati culinary diversity.     

Emirati cookery course at Al Khayma Heritage House: A culinary journey through Dubai's culture and history 

What awaits you on site 

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Dubai's history, a mixture of ancient traditions and modern innovation, comes to life during the course. Participants will learn how the city's cuisine has evolved from a small fishing village to a cosmopolitan centre. Stories about the lives of Bedouins, traders and pearl fishermen as well as the influence of different cultures characterise Dubai's unique culinary identity. Emirati breakfast dishes such as balaleet, shakshuka, luqaimat and khubz tannour are at the centre of the course. Each dish has its own history and meaning. Participants will learn the balanced use of spices, different cooking techniques and the traditional way to serve and enjoy these dishes. The master chefs at Al Khayma Heritage House offer comprehensive instruction on Emirati cuisine. With their years of experience, they teach the selection of ingredients, preparation methods and the delicate balance of flavours that characterise Emirati cuisine.

The entire experience lasts approximately 1.5 hours, with plenty of time to learn, cook and savour traditional Emirati breakfast dishes.   

Where do I need to go?

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Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant Historic Quarter - 79 Al Mussallah Rd - Al Fahidi - Dubai 

Good to know

  • Cooking Class Times: The time of the course varies with the seasons; in the hot summer months the course starts at 07:00 am to take advantage of the cooler mornings, while in the milder winter months it starts at 09:00 am. 
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Dietary specialities: Let us know in advance if you have any intolerances, special requests or allergies. We may not be able to fulfil dietary requirements.   

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