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Emirati Cooking Class: Explore the Culinary World of Emirati Cuisine!

Emirati Cooking Class

Discover traditional Emirati cuisine at Al Khayma Heritage House in Dubai. Learn to prepare authentic breakfast dishes with expert chefs, explore local history, and admire traditional architecture. An immersive culinary experience!
The Emirati Cooking Class at Al Khayma Heritage House is not just a cooking course; it's a voyage into the rich tapestry of Dubai's culture and history. Participants will learn to prepare authentic Emirati breakfast dishes, guided by expert chefs, and will delve into the captivating history of Dubai and its local traditions. The experience is further enriched by the architectural splendor of the traditional heritage house, setting the stage for a fulfilling culinary and cultural adventure.

Embrace the Emirati Culinary Tradition at Al Khayma Heritage House in Dubai

Understanding Dubai's Rich History

Dubai's history is a fascinating blend of old traditions and modern innovation. During the cooking class, participants will have the chance to learn how the city's evolution from a small fishing village to a bustling cosmopolitan hub has influenced its cuisine. Engage with the tales of the early Bedouin lifestyle, traders, pearl divers, and the influence of various cultures that have come together to form Dubai's unique culinary identity. You'll appreciate how the region's history has shaped its food, with stories and anecdotes that provide context and depth to the recipes you'll be working with.

Emirati Breakfast – A Culinary Exploration

Emirati breakfast dishes are a delightful array of flavors and textures, showcasing the richness of local gastronomy. During the class, you'll embark on a culinary adventure to prepare several dishes, each with its unique history and significance. Balaleet, a blend of sweet vermicelli and saffron; Shakshuka, poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce; Luqaimat, fried dough balls, and Khubz Tannour, a traditional bread, will all be part of your cooking repertoire. Learn the cultural significance behind each dish, the balance of spices, the cooking techniques, and even the traditional way to serve and eat these breakfast delights. Your culinary skills will be enriched as you immerse yourself in these traditional Emirati breakfast options.

Cooking with Master Chefs

The master chefs at Al Khayma Heritage House provide a comprehensive guide to Emirati cooking. With years of experience, they'll introduce you to the choice of ingredients, preparation methods, cooking techniques, and the fine balance of flavors that are integral to Emirati cuisine. You'll go beyond simply following recipes and learn the art and science behind each dish. They'll share tips, tricks, and personal insights that enable you to take your cooking skills to the next level, making it possible to recreate these authentic Emirati dishes at home.

Al Khayma Heritage House – A Glimpse of Traditional Architecture

The venue itself, Al Khayma Heritage House, plays a vital role in enriching your culinary experience. This traditional heritage house stands as a testament to Dubai's architectural legacy, with its distinctive wind towers, intricate wooden carvings, and beautifully preserved interiors. Explore the history of Emirati architecture, understand its influence on daily life, and appreciate how traditional designs contributed to environmental sustainability. The architectural beauty not only sets the ambiance but allows you to connect with Dubai's artistic past.

A Comprehensive Culinary Journey

This Emirati Cooking Class offers more than just food preparation; it's a cultural expedition that paints a complete picture of Dubai's culinary landscape. Meeting like-minded food enthusiasts, understanding the role of food in Emirati daily life, learning about dining etiquette, and engaging in interactive sessions with local culinary experts – all these aspects contribute to a multifaceted experience that educates, entertains, and fulfills. It's a chance to grow as a cook, a food lover, and a cultural explorer, leaving with lasting memories, knowledge, and skills that go beyond the kitchen.

The Emirati Cooking Class at Al Khayma Heritage House in Dubai is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Join this experience and embrace an opportunity to understand and appreciate the intricate and beautiful complexity of Emirati culture and cuisine. Whether you're a cooking novice or a seasoned food lover, this class promises an engaging and enriching adventure.


Highlights of the Emirati Cooking Class at Al Khayma Heritage House

  • Mastering Traditional Emirati Breakfast Dishes: The class presents an opportunity to dive deep into the realm of Emirati breakfast cuisine, guiding participants in the art of creating classic dishes such as Shakshuka, Balaleet, Luqaimat, and Khubz Tannour. 
  • Deep Dive into Dubai's Culinary History: The cooking class takes you on a historical journey, highlighting the influences that shaped Dubai's unique culinary culture, from Bedouin traditions to its transformation into a cosmopolitan metropolis. 
  • Experiencing the Architectural Wonder of Al Khayma Heritage House: Participants will soak in the architectural grandeur of Al Khayma Heritage House, learning about the significance and historical background of this unique traditional structure. 
  • Personalized Mentorship from Experienced Chefs: This culinary adventure allows participants to learn from the best, with expert chefs providing personalized tips, tricks, and insights, equipping participants with the skills to reproduce the taste of authentic Emirati cuisine at home. 
  • Holistic Emirati Cultural Immersion: This is not just a cooking class, but a cultural journey that encapsulates the richness of Emirati lifestyle. From visiting local markets for ingredients to learning about local dining etiquette, the class presents a complete picture of the Emirati culinary scene. 


Operational Details of the Tour

Participants are requested to meet at the Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, located in the heart of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood of Dubai, a place rich with history and tradition. 

The timing of the class varies with the seasons; during the hot summer months, the class commences at 07:00 to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures, while in the milder winter season, it begins at 09:00. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to ensure a timely start. 

The entire experience is designed to last approximately 1.5 hours, allowing ample time to learn, cook, and savor the traditional Emirati breakfast dishes. Make sure to mark your calendar and set your alarm, as this culinary journey is a delightful way to start your day in Dubai! 



A reservation made at least 24 hours in advance is mandatory, allowing the organizers sufficient time to prepare for each participant's unique needs.
To confirm your experience, simply follow the instructions and terms of use provided in your pass. These guidelines will walk you through each step, detailing how to lock in your culinary adventure. 


Restrictions and Considerations for the Emirati Cooking Class at Al Khayma Heritage House

  • Age Restrictions: Participants may need to meet a minimum age requirement due to the use of sharp tools and hot surfaces. Younger children may need to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Dietary Restrictions: Individuals with specific dietary needs or allergies should communicate those in advance. Accommodation for special dietary requests may or may not be possible. 
  • Dress Code: Participants may be required to dress modestly in adherence to cultural norms. 
  • Accessibility: The location may not be suitable for wheelchairs, limiting accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. 
  • Luggage or Large Bags: Luggage or large bags are not permitted on this tour, and participants should plan accordingly. 
  • Smoking Restrictions: Smoking indoors is not allowed during the class or tour, and participants are expected to adhere to this policy. 



Getting to Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in Al Fahidi Neighborhood

Getting to Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood of Dubai is relatively easy, with multiple options available for convenience and accessibility.

• By Taxi: Taxis are a popular mode of transport in Dubai, known for their efficiency and affordability. You can easily hail a taxi from anywhere in the city or book one through a ride-hailing app. Simply mention Al Fahidi neighborhood to the driver, and they'll bring you right to the destination.

• By Bus: Public buses are another reliable mode of transportation, especially for those seeking an affordable way to navigate the city. You can take bus number 11, 88, or C09, and alight at the Al Fahidi bus stop, which is a short walk away from Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant. 

• By Metro: For a quicker route, consider the Dubai Metro. The nearest metro station to Al Fahidi neighborhood is the Sharaf DG Metro Station on the Green Line. Upon exiting the station, the restaurant is a short 10-minute walk away. The metro system is efficient, making it a popular choice for both residents and tourists alike. 


Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Historical Neighbourhood - 79 Al Mussallah Rd - Al Fahidi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates 

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