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IMG Worlds of Adventure: Dive into the exciting world of superheroes in Dubai!

Enjoy non-stop fun at IMG Worlds of Adventure! Explore six huge zones, ride 22 exciting attractions, and see your favourite characters from Marvel and Cartoon Network in one giant indoor theme park.

Indoor theme park IMG World of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai is a big indoor theme park that has something fun for everyone! Ever since it opened in August 2016, people from all over come to enjoy the different worlds inside it. With four special zones filled with rides and shows, it’s a place where exciting stories come to life and you can make happy memories with friends and family.

All-Day Adventure for Everyone at IMG Worlds of Adventure!

Super Fun with Superheroes in Marvel Zone

The Marvel Zone is all about superheroes and exciting adventures. Here, you can find rides that put you right in the action with popular heroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man. Get ready to join the superheroes on exciting rides like the “Avengers Battle of Ultron” and “Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge”. It’s a place where the exciting world of comics becomes real, and you can be a part of the adventure!

Back in Time with Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

Imagine being in a place where dinosaurs are all around you! In the Lost Valley, you can see what it’s like to be in the world of dinosaurs. There are cool rides like the “Forbidden Territory” and a coaster called “Velociraptor” that bring the old world of big creatures to life. It’s a fun way to see and learn about the amazing dinosaurs that lived a long time ago.

Animated Fun in Cartoon Network Zone

If you love cartoons, the Cartoon Network Zone is for you! You can enjoy rides and shows with characters from shows like “Ben 10”, “The Powerpuff Girls”, and “Adventure Time”. Every ride takes you into a fun story where you can join the characters on their adventures. It’s like stepping inside your TV and being in the cartoons you love!

Lots to Do in IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard is where you can take a break from the rides, enjoy some food, and do some shopping. It’s a busy place with restaurants, shops, and shows that make your visit even more fun. You can grab a bite, pick up a souvenir, and even catch a live show. It’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some time before jumping back into the adventure.

IMG Worlds of Adventure makes sure your visit is full of fun, laughter, and exciting moments. It’s a great spot to enjoy different worlds, from the exciting tales of superheroes and animated favourites to the ancient world of dinosaurs, ensuring a day packed with adventures and smiles!


Highlights of IMG Worlds of Adventure

  • Family-Friendly Thrills: Explore a vast array of rides and attractions, ensuring that each family member, regardless of age, finds their personal slice of adventure and joy. 
  • Marvel Character Meet-and-Greets: Capture moments that last a lifetime by meeting and snapping photos with admired Marvel superheroes throughout the Marvel Zone. 
  • Largest Indoor Theme Park Adventure: Discover and enjoy diverse attractions in the largest indoor and temperature-controlled theme park in Dubai, providing a comfortable adventure regardless of the outside weather. 
  • Exclusive Merchandise Shops: Dive into shops across all zones, providing exclusive merchandise that lets you carry a piece of your adventure back home. 
  • Interactive Experiences: Immerse yourself in various interactive experiences that let you and your family become part of the exciting adventures and narratives unfolding around you.  


Opening Hours

Experience a day packed with excitement at IMG Worlds of Adventure during the following hours: 

 • Monday to Saturday: 12:00 noon - 23:00
 • Sunday: 12:00 noon - 22:00


Reservation Procedure

A reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance to secure your entry to IMG Worlds of Adventure. Simply follow the instructions provided in your Dubai City Pass to book your entry tickets directly with the provider.


Restrictions & Guidelines at IMG Worlds of Adventure:

  • No Outside Food or Drink: Guests are not permitted to bring external food, beverages, or smoke inside the park. 
  • Child Safety: All children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult throughout their visit. 
  • Accessibility Facilities: Wheelchair and stroller accessibility, along with lockers, are available for guest convenience. 
  • Ride Height Requirements: Adhere to specific height and safety guidelines displayed at each attraction. 
  • Haunted Hotel Age Limit: Admission is for guests aged 15 and above; those between 15 and 18 must present an ID card. 
  • Health Precautions: Some attractions may not be suitable for pregnant women and individuals with certain health conditions. 



Getting to IMG World of Adventure

• By Metro: The Dubai Metro is a popular and efficient way to navigate around the city. The nearest metro station to IMG Worlds of Adventure is Mall of the Emirates Station. From there, you can take a taxi or utilize other local transport to reach the park. 

• By Bus: Utilize Dubai's extensive bus network to get closer to your adventure. Bus number 84 is one that frequently services the route towards IMG Worlds of Adventure. Be sure to check the RTA website or use their app for precise timings and stops. 

• By Taxi: Taxis in Dubai are readily available and can offer direct transport right to the entrance of IMG Worlds of Adventure. Simply instruct the driver to take you to the park, and you’ll be on your way to a day of excitement and fun. 

• By Foot: If you are staying nearby and prefer to walk, ensure to follow safe pedestrian pathways and abide by all traffic signals. The park is situated in the heart of the city, making it potentially accessible on foot from nearby accommodations.



IMG Worlds of Adventure 

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