Herculaneum: Experience history up close and embark on an exciting journey through time!


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  • House of the wooden partition wall: This house is a marvel of preservation and has a wooden partition wall that is almost completely intact. The partition wall provides an insight into Roman interior architecture and the importance of versatile living spaces. 
  • Villa of the Papyri: Named after the cache of papyrus scrolls found inside, this luxurious villa offers an insight into the intellectual endeavours of the era. The scrolls were damaged by the ashes but have been deciphered, promising a wealth of literary treasures. 
  • Central baths: The main bath complex at Herculaneum, divided into male and female sections, is a testament to the Roman appreciation of leisure and community bonding. Wall paintings, mosaics and the architecture itself tell of social interactions and hierarchies. 
  • Samnite House: One of the oldest buildings in Herculaneum, this structure is an architectural testament to pre-Roman Samnite culture and offers layers of historical insight.

The Herculaneum archaeological site

What awaits you on site


The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD not only buried Pompeii, but also sealed the fate of its lesser-known neighbour Herculaneum. Today, the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum serves as an impressive window into the lives of its former inhabitants. Explore a labyrinth of stories, artefacts and moments shaped by the pyroclastic flow of Vesuvius’ eruption.

How to get there

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Corso Resina, 80056 Ercolano (NA), Italy

Good to know

  • 16 March to 14 October:
    Daily 8.30 am – 7.30 pm
    Last admission is at 6.00 pm. 
  • 15 October to 15 March:
    Daily 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
    Last admission is at 3.30 pm. 
  • Closed: 25 December, 1 January   
  • Luggage: Bags or rucksacks larger than 30x30x15 cm may not be taken into Herculaneum or Pompeii. 
  • Luggage storage: There is a left-luggage office right next to the ticket counter where visitors can store their bags and other personal belongings free of charge. 
  • Parking: Parking is available in an underground car park near the entrance to the site. The approximate cost of parking is 3-4 euros per hour.
  • Accessibility: Most roads and walkways are step-free, so most areas are wheelchair-friendly and easily accessible. There are many metal bridges installed for wheelchair users and pushchairs.  

Admission to Herculaneum is included in the Naples City Pass.


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