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Naples Streetfood Tour: Enjoy culinary adventures on the streets of the city!

Want to truly get to know Naples? Then you've got to taste it! Join Naples Bay on an unforgettable streetfood tour and savor the culinary wonders of this historic city right on the coast. 

Tradition Meets Modern: Naples has so much to offer in terms of streetfood

Naples market

You'll start your tour at Naples' oldest market. This place has been a staple for locals for over 200 years. A feast for the senses: colorful spices and herbs, exotic flavors and southern Italian market flavour 

Naples Fishshop

Your first stop will be at a traditional fish shop. Here, you'll see a variety of seafood, including fried squid, cuttlefish, and prawns, being prepared and cooked.

Naples' well-known street food

Next, you'll sample some of Naples' well-known street foods: crocché, arancini, and fried corn.

You'll then visit a local delicatessen where you'll try a selection of regional appetizers, including cold cuts and cheeses.Following that, you'll head to the oldest "trippaiolo" in Naples. Here, you'll taste a unique dish: pork with boiled lemon. 

Neapolitan desserts

Your tour will conclude with a choice of traditional Neapolitan desserts. To finish, you'll have an original Italian espresso. 

Throughout your journey, a guide will explain the history and ingredients behind each dish. All places you visit uphold traditional Neapolitan culinary standards, using genuine products. 

Included in your two-hour Napoli Streetfoodtour

Foods: fried seafood, arancini, crocché, zeppole, and a dessert of your choice. 

Drinks: Espresso and water. 

This tour offers you a chance to experience the authentic flavors and history of Naples.    

More Than Just Food

The Napoli Streetfoodtour is not just a taste journey. It’s also an opportunity to experience the culture, music, and art of Naples. Every bite tells a story, and we can't wait to share it with you. 


Highlights of Naples Streetfoodtour

  • Hidden Gems: Discover the secret street stalls where family recipes have been passed down for generations. 
  • Culture and Art: More than just food - dive into Naples' local culture, music, and art and understand the stories behind every bite.
  • Unforgettable Moments: Share passionate stories and culinary adventures in an intimate group setting, led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. 


Tour Times of Napoli Streetfoodtour

Starts at 12 pm and 6 pm

Duration 2 h 

Live tour guide in English, Italian, French, Spanish


Reservations for Napoli Streetfoodtour

No reservation required. If you like to participate, just arrive to the meetingpoint 15 minutes before the tour starts. 



  • Not wheelchair accessible 
  • Not stroller accessible 
  • Not suitable for pets 
  • No public transportation nearby 
  • Infants must not sit on laps 
  • Infant seats unavailable 
  • Pickup not included is a walking tour. 



How to get to Naples Streetfood Tour

Metro L1 to Toledo.


Meetingpoint of Napoli Streetfoodtour

Via Toledo 128, 80134 Napoli, IT

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Experience Naples’ culinary treasures like never before. Join us on the Napoli Streetfoodtour and discover the flavors and stories that make this city unique. 

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