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Paris City Pass

The day pass for more than 60 museums and attractions, including metro.

How does the Paris City Pass work?

  1. The Paris City Pass is a sightseeing pass that has been designed to suit all kinds of holidaymakers. Select a pass type – 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days – and your preferred delivery or collection method. You can either have your pass(es) delivered to your home address, or select "Pick up in Paris".

  2. After payment has been processed, the Paris City Pass will be sent to you by airmail post.
    You can find more information about shipping under "Shipping & Collection".
    Alternatively, you can choose the option "Pick up in Paris" and you will receive a pick-up voucher by e-mail straight after the confirmation of payment. With this voucher you will be able to pick up your Paris City Pass in the city center of Paris. Please consider these opening hours when planning your arrival time in Paris so that you can pick up your Paris City Pass without any problems. 
  3. Explore this alluring city with free entry into top attractions and museums, including the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe as well as a free Seine River Cruise. You can also travel for free on public transport. The Paris City Pass allows you to travel for free within the zones 1–3 of the city center and includes your Metro ticket. You can visit all the attractions listed free of charge. Your Paris City Pass also includes a city map as well as further discounts and offers.

We wish you a great time in Paris!


The Paris City Pass is valid for 2, 3*, 4*, 5*, or 6 consecutive days. One day = one calendar day starting at 5.30 am and ending at 5.30 am the following day. 

* Extra advantages for museum visits: The 3-day pass includes the Paris Museum Pass for the free visit of over 50 museums for 4 days (not only 3); and the 5-day-pass included the free visit for 6 days (not only 5). Bonus in 4-day-pass: you can use the public transport for free on an additional 5th day.

The Paris City Pass is personalized and valid for 12 months, if not used. Please fill in your name and the start date for your pass (the first day you would like to use the Pass). Please provide a valid, official photo for identification (e.g. identity card, passport, driver's license). The Pass cannot be returned after a name (or other information) has been filled in.  

After filling in the start date, the Paris City Pass is usable for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 consecutive days (depending on the Pass you bought). A wide range of museums and monuments included, such as Louvre or Notre Dame, can be visited once during the validity period of the pass. 

The Palace of Versailles, a few other sights and both major airports are located outside the city center of Paris. Hence you need an extra train, metro or bus ticket in order to reach those facilities. With your Paris City Pass you can use public transport within zone 1–3 (city center) for free. Always show your Paris City Pass at attractions, exhibitions or in the Metro to receive free entrance. Please double check opening hours or terms of use with the attractions and exhibitions of your choice. We recommend checking the website of the sight in advance so that there won’t be any surprises when you arrive.

The Paris City Pass allows you to avoid queues and to go directly to the entrance of museums such as the Louvre. However, there may be delays when passing security, for example going through security checks at Versailles or due to restrictions on visitor numbers.

Please note that safety precautions have been intensified in general and therefore there might be delays at the security checks. These security checks cannot be avoided with the City Pass, even if it includes “skip the line entry”. Bags, backpacks, coats and jackets may also be checked. Suitcases and bags over 16 liters cannot be brought into the attractions, neither can they be dropped at the cloakroom.

Please be aware that local prices can vary from the Paris City Pass prices since they include different benefits and taxes.

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Further questions? Our FAQs will answer about 95 % of your questions.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Paris!

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Paris City Pass

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