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Vatican Courtyards in Rome: Your Ticket to Historical Charm

The Vatican Courtyards are included and FREE in the Rome City Pass

Cortile della Pigna at the Vatican Palace Cortile del Belvedere at the Vatican Palace, Rome Vatican Courtyards in Rome

The Vatican Courtyards are divided by the Fontana della Pigna (or simply called, "The Pine Cone"), the library courtyard, and the Cortile del Belvedere (Belvedere Courtyard). Come and admire these three courtyards and other areas of the Pope's palace as well as its impressive architecture.

Opening times Vatican Courtyards

The opening hours of the Vatican Courtyards are the same as those of the Vatican Museums. 

Mon-Sat: 9 am - 6 pm (last admission 4pm)
Every last Sunday of the month: 9am-4pm (last admission 12:30pm)

If you have booked the Vatican with a guided tour, the tour will be in English.

Admission Vatican Courtyards

adult: 17€ + 5€ reservation fee

reduced: 8€ + 5€ reservation fee

under 6: free

Address Vatican Courtyards

Viale Vaticano
00165 Rome 

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Description Vatican Courtyards

The Vatican Courtyards are made up of three parts; the „Cortile della Pigna", the „Cortile della Biblioteca“ and the „Cortile del Belverde.“ The „Cortile della Pigna“ owes its name to a 4-meter tall pine cone made of bronze that stands in this courtyard. The „Vatican Library” is surrounded by the „Cortile della Biblioteca“ and the „Cortile del Belverde".

 In the beginning, the courtyard was used as a square garden with orange trees, but later it was built into an octagonal inner courtyard with a fountain standing in the middle. At every corner of this octagonal-shaped courtyard, you will find an art master piece. 

In 1775, Simonetti prompted for a change in the courtyard: to build a connecting hall. This construction around the Cortile del Belverde was later called (since Pius VI's reign) Museo Pio-Clementino

Years later (in 1803), Pius VII built 4 pavilions. These pavilions were then named after the statues that were placed there: Belverde Apollo (bronze statue created by Leochares), Hermes, Perseus Triumphant, and Laocoön. These statues were found nearby the Golden House of Neros on January 14, 1506. One of Michelangelo's students, Montorsoli, attached a replacement of Laocoön's arm to the statue in the wrong position (stretched out), but in 1905 the arm was later removed and replaced with the original arm after it was found. 

The Vatican Courtyard is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in Rome and is worth a visit. 

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