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Free metro, bus, and train rides in Rome

With the Rome City Pass, using the public transportation system is for free - save 6,00€ on transportation fees per day. 

Bus in Rom Tram in Rom

With the Rome City Pass, you can use metro lines, as well as buses, trams, and trains within the inner city limits of Rome for free. You don't need to purchase any other ticket, and you can use the public transportation as often as you want within the validity period of your Rome City Pass.

Highlights Free metro, bus, and train rides in Rome

  • You can use the bus, metro and tram
  • Free ride to the beach at Lido 
  • Take the bus and don’t pay anything with your Rome City Pass
  • Children under 10 years old can ride for free  

Description public transport in Rome

Operation hours: The public transport is available daily from 5:30am to 11:30pm. On Friday and Saturday it can even be used until 12:30am. After the operating hours night buses operate on 23 routes which drive through the city and to suburban areas. 

There are currently three Metro lines in Rome which connect the city easily.
Metro A: Anagnina - Battistini
Metro B: Laurentina - Rebibba
Metro B2: Laurentina - Jonio
Metro C: Monte Compatri/Pantano - Lodi 

By using the Metro Line A you can easily reach the stop San Giovanni (Basilika) and therefore the shopping promenade “Via Appia Nuova” which provides you with a unique shopping experience. The Spanish Steps and the city center can be found when you get off at the stop Spagna and the Trevi Fountain is located nearby the station Baberini.
With the Metro Line B you can directly get off at the Colosseum and see the closely located Roman Forum.

A special experience in Rome is using the bus. Even though the transport system is well developed, delays caused by much traffic and jams are daily fare. Neverthless it is worth it using the bus sometimes. The express line 40 offers you a fast drive from the main station Termini to the Vatican where the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Courtyards and the Vatican Museums can be visited. And don’t miss the chance to see the famous Sistine Chapel. The bus line No. 64 is also a popular line used by tourists. This line follows its route through the center of Rome and passes important sight like the Piazza Venezia or the Largo di Torre Argentina.  

If you like to have an idyllic ride through Rome, you should use the Tram line 3. This insider tip starts at the station Trastevere and passes the Pyramids, the Colosseum, San Giovanni, the church Santa Croce and many other famous stops. The interesting ride ends at the Zoo on which back you can find the Villa Borghese with the famous Galleria Borghese.  

If you need some time-out from the heat of Rome you can leave the city behind and get in some train to leave. Enjoy some time at the beach in Lido and cool down in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. To reach Lido, your ticket for public transport is valid with the Rome City Pass and you do not need to buy another ticket.

Tip: The buses and Metros in Rome are often filled with many people and therefore there is not much space. So keep attention to your valuables and bags – Pickpockets common use the jam.
 And if you are standing at a bus stop and you are desperately searching for departure times you should simply save time and effort. Because of the unpredictable traffic in Rome it is impossible to tell the time the bus is coming. Just relax a bit in the sun and wait for the next bus which will definitely come sometime. 

Please be aware that transfer to the airport is not included. With the Rome City Pass you can use the public transport for free and discover Rome and its borders with your ticket stress-free.