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Free travel on Munich public transport
with Munich Card and Munich City Pass

with Munich Card & Munich City Pass

Munich public transport

With the Munich City Pass and the Munich Card with local transport, you can use public transport in Munich without having to buy another local transport ticket. The local transport ticket is already included, so you can travel as much and as often as you like during the validity of your guest card.

Choose between the city centre area "M" and the area "M-6"

City centre area:

The Munich Card and the Munich City Pass with local transport ticket for the city centre area are your tickets for using MVV buses, trains, underground trains and trams (2nd class) in the city centre area of Munich.

  • Zone M covers the entire city centre of Munich and extends beyond in some areas
  • Discover Munich flexibly
  • Travel at any time and on any day of the week

Area M-6:

By purchasing the official Munich Card or the Munich City Pass with local transport for the M-6 area, you can start your holiday in a relaxed manner. The M-6 area includes the journey to and from the airport. After an approx. 45-minute journey, you will have reached the main railway station in the centre of Munich.

  • Valid for all MVV public transport in the city centre and outer districts up to zone 6
  • Journeys to Munich Airport, Dachau, Erding, Tutzing, Lake Starnberg and Lake Ammersee (Hershing) included
  • Flexible travel on MVV public transport (2nd class): Underground trains, buses, trams, suburban trains and regional trains
  • Travel at any time and on any day of the week
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Most attractions included in the Munich Card & the Munich City Pass are located in the Inner Area!
Book Area M-6 if you want to take the public transportation from and to the airport and visit sights outside of the city center.
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