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Optional: Unlimited travel on public transport with the Naples City Pass

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  • Your Naples City Pass, your plan: discover Naples the way you like it 
  • Book an optional ticket for public transport with your Naples City Pass 
  • Flexibility: With your Naples City Pass local transport ticket, you can use the metro, funicular railway and all Naples buses at any time of day or night (within opening hours)! 
  • Efficient means of transport: metros, buses and trams offer a dense network for exploring Naples 
  • Cost-effective: With your City Pass local transport ticket you save compared to the regular price 
  • Time-saving: Avoid traffic jams and searching for a parking space in the city centre 
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. 
  • Cultural diversity: Experience the colourful hustle and bustle and local culture of Naples with just one ticket!  

What your ticket includes

These modes of transport make up the public transport system in Naples


Naples, the picturesque city in the south of Italy, offers its residents and visitors a well-developed public transport network that makes it easy to explore the city and its surroundings.

Metro (Metropolitana) The Naples metro is one of the most efficient ways to get around the city. It consists of two lines: Line 1 (red) and Line 2 (blue). 

Buses Naples has an extensive bus network that covers almost all parts of the city. Buses are a practical option for getting to places that are not directly served by the metro. 

Trams Trams in Naples are another way to get around the city. However, they are limited to certain routes and are less common than buses and underground trains. 

Funicolare (funicular railway) Naples is known for its funicolare, the funiculars that connect the city’s hilltop districts with the city centre. They not only offer efficient transport, but also breathtaking views of the city. 

Where to get the ticket

You collect your ticket for public transport in Naples directly from the city centre. Once you have received it, you can use the public transport ticket at any time of day or night, depending on the duration of your City Pass – as many journeys as you like and, of course, at no extra cost.

Pit Stop Souvenir
Piazza Municipio/ Via Calata San Marco 1
80133 Napoli (next to the metro exit) 

Emergency number: +39 3895287325
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 07.00 am to 8.00 pm, Sunday 07.00 am to 6.00 pm

How to get there

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Via Calata San Marco 1, 80133 Napoli

Good to know

  • Operating hours:
    Metro6.00 am to 9.00 pm every 12 minutes,  9.00 pm until the end of service every 15 minutes
    From 15 September, every Friday and Saturday the last journey on Metro line 1 from Piscinola is at 01.20 am, from Garibaldi at 01.32 am.
    Funicular railway 7.00 am to 10.00 pm every 30 minutes
    From 15 September, the Centrale funicular runs until 02.00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, until 00.30 am on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and until 10.30 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Bus The buses have different timetables. They all start between 06.00 and 06.30 am and end around 09.00-10.00 pm. 
  • You can find more information about the timetable here

Book an optional ticket for public transport with your Naples City Pass 


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