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The day pass for the major attractions of Rome and public transport.

Rome City Pass

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How does the Rome City Pass work?

  1. Select the number of days and people in the "book now" box.
  2. The Rome City Pass will be sent to you by mail. Please check delivery-time and details. Alternatively, can you choose the option "Pick up in Rome." You will receive a pick up voucher by e-mail at no extra charge within one working day (between Monday and Friday), so that you can pick up your Rome City Pass in Rome's city center (location open daily from 9 am to 7 pm). Express delivery is available and guarantees a delivery with 2-4 working days.
  3. Free and reduced admission: With the Rome City Pass you will receive free admission or reduced admission to all listed attractions. Besides visiting the Vatican and other museums, you are free to switch the following free attractions: Afinteatro Flavio (Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Palatin), Castle of the Holy Angel, Gallery Borghese or Appia Antica with an attraction listed as “reduced admission” and visit this sight at no charge instead. Please note that when making a free visit to an attraction that is listed as “reduced admission,” each attraction that is marked " * free visit" is no longer valid for free admission. However if you decide anyway to visit one of the attractions that are marked with an *, you only need to pay the reduced entrance fee, even after you have switched. 
  4. Public transport: Besides doing a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus tour with audio comments for free, you can use public transportation within the Rome city center for free as well. Take as many rides as you like with the bus, tram or metro within the entire city center. The Rome City Pass also includes the free transfer from/to Ciampino airport by bus (line 720 and line 520). The transport from/to Fiumicino airport is not included in your Pass. Please purchase a separate train ticket to the central station “Termini” or use a shuttle bus.


Please note: On the initiative of the new Minister of Culture, a nationwide cultural week will take place in Italy from 5 March to 10 March 2019 in which state sights (including the Colosseum, the Galleria Borghese, the Forum Romanum and the Castel Sant'Angelo) can be visited free of charge. A purchase of the Rome City Pass is nevertheless worthwhile. After all, with the Rome City Pass you can also enjoy free and partly preferential admission to the non-state attractions (including the Vatican with Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums and Courtyards, the Hop-on Hop-off Bus, the Waxworks Museum). In addition, you can travel for free with metro, bus (incl. Ciampino Airport) & tram in Rome and get a practical city map and numerous discounts.

The Rome City Pass is valid for two, three or six consecutive days. The 2-day pass is valid for exactly 48 hours, commencing with the first insertion of the passport (eg in transport.); the 3-day pass is valid for 72 hours and the 6-day pass for twice 72 hours.

The validity of the Pass cannot be extended, even if the validity period falls on a holiday or blackout date in a museum. Always present the Pass to authorities to receive free access to sights and museums or for reduced admission to other attractions. Please enter the name and surname of the traveller and the first day of use at the marked points. Always have a valid photo (eg. ID card, passport, driver's license ) for identification with you.

Please note that teens who want to visit attractions and sights without an adult Rome City Pass holder do not get priority entry at some sights.

Please also note that some museums and attractions may be closed for renovation or on certain days. Most Italian museums are closed on Monday with exception of the Colosseum and the St. Peter's Basilica. The Vatican museums are closed on Sundays and the St. Peter's Basilica is not accessible on Wednesdays from 8-12 am. We recommend you inform yourself about opening hours on the respective websites prior to your visit.

For priority access to the Vatican, please fill in a date in the appropriate field during the booking process and we will book the entry for you. A time between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm will be allocated to you where you can enter the Vatican. If you do not specify a request we will allocate 10.30 am for your visit to the Vatican, if this time slot is available. Please check the dress code for the Vatican and wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. Failure to follow this dress code may result in denied access into the Vatican.
Please note that safety precautions have been intensified in general and therefore there might be delays at the Vatican security checks. These security checks cannot be avoided with the Rome City Pass, even if it includes “skip the line entry”. Bags, backpacks, coats and jackets may also be checked.

Your City Pass includes a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus tour.

In case your card for public transport, Colosseum and other attractions does not function correctly, you can easily exchange it at the tourist information center "P.I.T”.

Should your plans change and you no longer want to use the Pass you can easily cancel your order up to 1 day before your starting date. You can return the pass and we will refund you, except for a 20 € service charge for each pass. Please ensure that no name or date of validity has been filled in. If so, we cannot grant you a refund, because these passes are invalid.

Please be aware that local prices can vary from the Rome City Pass prices since the Rome City Pass includes different benefits and taxes.

Further questions? Our FAQs will answer about 95 % of your questions.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Rome!