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Discover the Splendor of Chiesa di Santo Stefano: A Historic Gem in Venice

Outside view of the church Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Venice Historical painting inside the church Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Venice Visit the Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Venice

The church, Chiesa di Santo Stefano, was built in the 15th century and is located at Campo Santo Stefano. The interior of this church’s sacristry is home to a comprehensive painting collection from the Venetian Renaissance, created by artists like Tintoretto, De 'Pitoti, Vivarini, as well as some impressive sculptures. A special feature about this church is that boats can drive under it. 

Your ticket into the Chiesa di Santo Stefano is free when using the Venice City Pass.

Chiesa di Santo Stefano: A place of historical and artistic interest

A Venetian Gothic church

The Chiesa di Santo Stefano, also known as the Basilica di Santo Stefano, is an impressive church in Venice located in the Sestiere San Marco, very close to the famous St. Mark's Square. Its history dates back to the 13th century, and over the centuries, it has undergone multiple renovations and reconstructions.

The present appearance of the church largely dates from the 14th century and represents Venetian Gothic architecture in all its splendor. The facade of the Chiesa di Santo Stefano is impressive and captures the attention of visitors. However, the interior of the church is equally remarkable. It houses an abundance of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and altar pieces. One of the outstanding works is Tintoretto's altarpiece "The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen," painted by one of the most renowned artists of the 16th century in Venice. This impressive painting narrates the story of the first Christian martyr, Saint Stephen, who was stoned to death.

The Chiesa di Santo Stefano is not only a place for art and history but also for music lovers. Its acoustically impressive interior regularly hosts concerts that treat visitors to beautiful music and a unique atmosphere.

Overall, the Chiesa di Santo Stefano is a significant cultural heritage of Venice and a place of historical and artistic interest. If you are visiting the city, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this impressive church and experience the rich history and art of Venice.


Highlights of your visit

  • Tickets for the Chiesa di Santo Stefano are included in the Venice City Pass
  • Important Late-Gothic church
  • Can ride a boat under the chuch
  • Large collections of important Renaissance work 


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 11:30 am - 5 pm

Last admission into the church takes places at 4 pm. The Chiesa di Santo Stefano is closed on Sundays, January 1, August 15, and on December 25.


Reservation of your ticket

No reservation is necessary. Show your Venice City Pass at the entrance to the Chiesa di Santo Stefano and get free entry.


Special terms and conditions Chiesa di Santo Stefano

  • When visiting the Chiesa di Santa Maria, clothing that covers the shoulders and knees must be worn. Sleeveless tops, shorts, mini skirts, as well as hats are not allowed in the church.



Direction Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Ferry terminal stop

S. Angelo: Line 1

S. Samuele: Line 2 

The Chiesa di Santo Stefano is located on one of the largest plazas of Venice, the Campo Santo Stefano. From here, you can easily visit the San Maurizio church, as well as the Palazzo Fortuny and Palazzo Mocenigo, both located on the Grande Canal. 


Campo Santo Stefano, 3825 30124 Venezia, Italy

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Use the Venice City Pass and visit the Chiesa di Santo Stefano. 

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