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How does the Dubai City Pass work?

1. Select the number of days. Choose between the following options: 1, 2, 3, or 7 days.
2. Choose the number of people in your party: then click on “Book now”. 
3. Receive your Dubai City Pass within 24 hours via email: Please print ALL attachments in A4 format. 

Important: The Dubai City Pass consists of multiple components. Please print out ALL PAGES and thoroughly read them and also the information of how to use your Pass. Alternatively, you may also use your smartphone to view and use your Pass and its documents. Please proofread your personal data to make sure everything is correct. If you have any questions, our customer service agents will be happy to help you!

Use and Validity

Validity: The Dubai City Pass is available for children and adults. The period of validity is shown on the ticket with the exact date. It starts with the first day chosen in the booking process. After the first day of usage, the Pass must be used in the following consecutive days. The Pass is valid up until midnight of the last day it is valid for. In which order you will be visiting the included attractions is up to you. 

Transferability: The Dubai City Pass cannot be transferred to other people – it is only valid for the person whose name has been written on the front side of the Pass. Please read the information about the usage and validity of the Pass, which is mentioned seperately in the documents that you will receive.

Varying Opening Hours: Please be aware that opening hours and possibly also terms and conditions of certain attractions may vary. To be safe, we suggest checking the website(s) of the attraction or museum you would like to visit during your stay in Dubai.

Cancellation: If your plans change and you do not need the Dubai City Pass after all, you can cancel your Pass up to 1 day before the entered start date. You will receive a full refund, minus a 20€ cancellation fee per Dubai City Pass.

Security Checks: Please be aware that security checks may take place. These security checks cannot be avoided, even by Pass holders. Sometimes these security checks may be ordered by the responsible authorities, which may extend the delay. Despite this, the Pass generally will help you save time waiting in front of the ticket counter.

Further questions? Our FAQs will provide you with further information.

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